What are the ways to fight acne?

Has the problem of acne made you less present somewhere and prefer to be alone? In this article, we will point out some natural ways to fight acne that can be useful for you.

– Do not touch your face too much and do not irritate the pimples, as it may lead to permanent wounds.

– Put some tomato pulp on the pimples and let it dry, then wash your face.

Cucumber paste (how to prepare this paste is explained at the end of the article) is very good for the skin and reduces pimples.

Chop the neem leaf and combine it with turmeric and put it on the face to get rid of blackheads.

Take enough multivitamin tablets. Acne can be a sign that the body is not getting enough nutrients and is deficient in vitamins.

Eat carrots because of the beta-carotene and vitamin A. Carrots strengthen the protective tissues of the skin and reduce the production of sebum, preventing acne.

* How to prepare cucumber paste: Peel a few cucumbers and chop them. Pour the cucumber pieces into the blender and after chopping well, put them in a strainer to separate the extract. Collect the cucumber liquid in a bowl and add some lemon juice and one beaten egg white to it and mix well. Now apply this paste on the face for 15 to 25 minutes and then rinse with clean water.

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