What changes in lung function during menopause?

Many parts of a woman’s body change during menopause. Symptoms of menopause include hot flashes and night sweats. But new research shows that lung function is impaired during this time.

“During menopause, in addition to hot flashes and night sweats, lung function also declines,” said Kai Tribner of the University of Bergen in Norway.
He added: “Because women live longer, they may live longer after menstruation, which is why it is important to maintain a healthy respiratory system.”
According to the researchers, the two functional dimensions of the lungs decline specifically during menopause, which include the forced vital capacity and the volume of exhaled output in the first second.
The reduction in forced vital capacity equals the damage caused by smoking 20 cigarettes a day for 10 years, and the second decline in performance equals a situation experienced by a person after smoking one pack of cigarettes per day for two years.
Kai Tribner also said that this weakness in lung activity increases shortness of breath, decreased capacity and fatigue. Its symptoms also depend on the extent to which the lung volume has decreased.
The findings are based on a study of 1,400 European women aged 25 to 48 who had been under control for 20 years.
Menopausal-related hormonal changes can contribute to poor lung function because they lead to inflammation and decreased bone density, according to HealthDay News.
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