What do women like after sex?

Many men tend to sleep after intercourse, but this is not pleasant for women. According to surveys conducted in Europe, a list of things that women like to do after orgasm has been prepared, which we will discuss in this article.

Of course, it should be noted that different groups of women have different preferences and even some favorite things may not be in this list. In other words, the following cannot be generalized to the whole society of women.

1. Hugging: Almost all women like to be hugged and caressed by a man after sex. Hugging and wrapping your arms around a woman and caressing her makes her feel very good. Even if you are very tired and don’t have the energy to continue, wrap your arms around her waist or hips and while kissing her body lovingly express your consent to sex with her by saying loving and affectionate words and then sleep peacefully in each other’s arms. ! (which unfortunately many men do not do.) 2. In contrast to the previous group, there are a few women who do not like any kind of physical or emotional contact after the end of sex. These people state that they are aroused to such an extent that after that any further stimulation will not be pleasurable for them and will be painful. Of course, this demand never means that these women are cold-tempered. They just like to be alone for a short time, so understand them. When dealing with these women, you should ask them after having sex: “Honey, how are you?” Is everything in order? Or do you not need anything? And after expressing the pleasure of having sex with her, leave the woman alone for half an hour to rest.

3. Talking: Although most men are tired after sex and are unable to do anything, but a group of women like to talk a little after sex. In these situations, you just have to listen to him! If you are lucky, he will describe what happened and how he felt about having sex with you. You try to let him know that you are listening to him with the warm kisses you give him.

4. Sometimes a woman may still have a desire to perform another sexual act for the second time. In this case, if you are also ready, it is better for him to play with your penis a little so that you are stimulated for the second sex.

But if you are not able to continue due to old age or any other reason, explain to him that you are not able to have sex again now and in order to be able to do it well, you need to take some rest to refresh yourself.

All men like to sleep a little after orgasm, this is completely normal. But pay attention to your partner and let him be by your side, so that he doesn’t get the impression that you are only thinking about yourself.

7 February 1392 22:55

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