What do you know about female orgasm?

We want to talk about the various stages of orgasm in women and know from the beginning to the end of the process that sexual desire in women is very important and important and plays a huge role in their mood, which we will discuss in this article.

Female orgasm is an issue that is rarely talked about, and perhaps because of this lack of information, there are false beliefs about it. This article has pointed out some of these beliefs and corrected them.

Advanced model of women’s sexual responses (Master and Johnson model)
This model shows the different types of responses of women in a sexual relationship in different situations. 3 types of curves can be seen for women’s sexual response and their passing from the stage of stimulation and sexual desire to the stable stage (plateau) and the final stage, which is the end of the relationship. Various statistical studies have been used to draw these curves. For example, a woman can experience curve A in a relationship; It means to reach a steady stage (plateau) in a gentle slope and experience orgasm several times during a relationship and very slowly reach the relaxation stage at the end of the relationship.


Curve B, like curve A, shows a gentle transition from the arousal stage to the steady stage (plateau), but the experience of orgasm does not happen like curve A, and it reaches the decline stage and the end of the relationship much faster than curve A. In curve C, passing through the emotional stage and sexual stimulation is different, and the fixed stage (plateau) does not happen at all and directly enters the orgasm. Every woman can experience all 3 types of curves in different situations and conditions during her marital relationship.

√ Women who do not reach orgasm are cold-tempered!
This is a misconception about female orgasm. The belief that women who do not reach orgasm are cold-tempered is probably adapted from Freud’s theory, which believed that only women who have vaginal orgasms are sexually healthy, and reaching orgasm through clitoris stimulation is a sign of a nervous and mental disorder. . Today, this belief has been completely rejected. A woman who reaches orgasm from clitoris stimulation has definitely experienced some kind of orgasm and is not cold-tempered at all. In the medical term, women who do not reach orgasm but have the desire to have marital relations are not called cold-tempered.

√ Some women never reach orgasm
This belief is wrong. Maybe instead of saying that some women do not reach orgasm, it is better to say that they are close to orgasm. A woman may not have experienced an orgasm at the age of 30, but she will reach it at the age of 32. Sometimes a woman never reaches orgasm with her first husband, but she experiences this feeling in her second marriage because a woman’s orgasm depends to a large extent on the man’s behavior and the mental images he creates.

√ Women do not enjoy marital relationship
Is wrong. The pleasure of having a marital relationship is a separate issue from reaching orgasm.

√ Women either reach clitoris orgasm or vaginal orgasm
This is also a misconception about female orgasm. Women should not be divided into two groups. Although most women experience clitoris orgasms and a few vaginal orgasms, there are women who experience both orgasms.

√ Pretending to orgasm is good for longevity
This is also a misconception about orgasm. Some women try to pretend that they have reached orgasm in order to improve their relationship with their husband, while this work harms the marital relationship and prevents the woman from reaching orgasm. On the other hand, lying drives couples apart. Achieving orgasm and sexual pleasure is the result of correct and honest communication between couples. It is the woman who, with the right guidance, teaches her husband how to bring him closer to the peak of pleasure.

√ Some orgasms are real and some are fake
Is wrong. Orgasm may be experienced in different ways; For example, sometimes we smile when we hear a joke, sometimes we laugh quietly, and sometimes we giggle. Maybe the intensity of one laugh is more than the other, but they all appear in pursuit of happiness and they are all real. Orgasm is also real no matter how it happens.

√ For a successful marriage, you must reach orgasm
This belief is also wrong. After the developments of the 20th century, reaching orgasm for women was discussed for a long time, and many women who did not reach this point of sexual pleasure were considered cold-tempered. Men also sometimes felt powerless because they could not make their wives orgasm. At that time, this issue caused many shared lives to fall apart because women associated this issue with the man’s inability and men associated it with the woman’s coldness, but the fact is that sexual pleasure is important for women and not reaching orgasm is an obstacle. This is not the feeling.

Women who reach orgasm are happier in their lives together
This belief is also wrong. It is possible that a woman never reaches orgasm, but enjoys the marital relationship with her husband, and on the contrary, a woman reaches orgasm, but because there is no love and caress along with the marital relationship, she is not psychologically satisfied. The purpose of establishing a marital relationship is not to reach orgasm, and this does not affect the happiness of couples, although its companionship with caressing and sexual pleasure brings the couple closer together.

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