What do you know about spermogram?

Probably, you are one of those people who have not even heard the name of spermogram. Sperm analysis test or spermogram is usually done in two cases: 1- In order to detect the state of fertility in terms of normal and abnormal. 2- For Couples who have problems conceiving children. This was a semantic explanation about spermogram.

The results of this test show things that are very important in determining male fertility And Contrary to the fact that the general public thinks that only the number of sperm indicates how fertile a man is, it should be said that in reality, the quality of sperm movement and its number are more important in a natural way..

With Dr. Mohammadreza Safarinejad, surgeon and specialist in kidney and urinary tract diseases and university professorWe have discussed about this experiment and its importance.

  1. How does a spermogram determine the normal or abnormal status of men’s fertility?

One of the applications of sperm analysis is to determine the fertility status in men. In addition, spouses who have problems conceiving and go to the doctor with complaints of infertility can use this test to check how fertile the man is. It is erroneously referred to as a “sperm breakdown” test. while only About one percent of the volume of semen is made up of sperms, and the rest contains substances for nutrition, adding to sperm fertility and creating a suitable environment for sperm storage..

  1. Can you explain a little about the spermogram test or sperm analysis?

Contrary to what most people think, Semen is not secreted by the testiclesRather, 60% of it is prostate and 40% of the rest are pouches. The testicles add sperm to the semen through the sperm tubes called vas deferens. Seminal fluid containing sperm is stored in the seminal vesicles and exits through the urethra during ejaculation. If the sperm analysis test is not performed and interpreted correctly, the doctor and the patient will be misled. In the semen analysis test, the number of sperm, motile sperm, sperm with progressive movement, non-motile sperm, the number of normal-shaped sperm, as well as the volume and color of the semen, the consistency or concentration of the semen and the time it takes for the semen to become watery, the pH of the semen and white blood cell counts are reported. Each of these matters is very important in male fertility, and if any of them are normal or abnormal, they are used to interpret the criteria of the World Health Organization.

  1. What are the criteria of the World Health Organization for normal or abnormal semen?

In medical science, standards are used for the normality and abnormality of any parameter. The World Health Organization has set criteria for a semen analysis test to be considered normal, which the doctor uses to interpret the results of the semen analysis test and say that the test is normal or abnormal. One of the important criteria in the semen analysis test is the consistency or concentration of the semen, which is important in fertility.

  1. What happens if the concentration of semen is not normal?

If the number, movement and shape of sperms are normal in a man, but the concentration of semen is abnormal, it can cause fertility problems. During ejaculation, the semen is in a “clotted” state, then under the influence of enzymes, it usually comes out of the clotted state within half an hour, which is called “watery” in the term. If the semen cannot be removed from the clotted state, it has a high concentration, and if it remains in the clotted state, it loses its fluidity, so it cannot move towards the cervix and inside it, and this is the problem in fertility. Creates.

  1. What factors increase the concentration of semen?

Knowing what factors increase the concentration of semen is important in the sense that by observing them, the problem can be solved to some extent, but from the point of view of medical science, the main cause is the lack of an enzyme that makes the semen watery. The prostate secretes an enzyme called prostate-specific antigen, which causes the semen to become watery or change its clotted state. If the prostate becomes swollen and inflamed, it becomes difficult to secrete this substance and as a result, watery semen.

  1. What should be done to solve the problem of semen concentration?

It is usually recommended to men who have semen concentration to reduce concentration and increase fluidity Drink plenty of fluids And Pay attention to the medicines they take Because the use of some drugs and even infection of semen increases its concentration. Therefore, proper treatment of the infection helps to solve the problem. Considering that other important causes of increased semen concentration are prostate infection or prostatitis and the presence of bacteria in the prostate causes prostate infection and semen infection. Infertile men who have not found a cause for their problem (even in the case of healthy and normal semen analysis) must be checked for prostate infection..

In addition, Consuming some diuretic substances such as coffee, alcohol and soda increases the volume of urine and decreases body water, so men who have a high concentration of semen should pay attention to this point and do not forget that consumption of substances such as vitamin E, guaifenesin and acetylcysteine ​​can also increase the concentration of semen. Reduce semen.

  1. Are there any special conditions for performing a spermogram test?

Contrary to the fact that in our society, immediately after a couple has problems with fertility, the woman is asked to take a test, it is recommended that the man be examined by doing this test in the first stage and to do it It should be at least 3 days and at most 5 days since the last ejaculation in men.

  1. How is the spermogram test performed and when will the result be known?

This test can be done both in the laboratory and at home, but the sample must be brought to the laboratory within an hour so that the necessary tests can be done immediately. In the past, the test sample was checked manually by the technician, but today this method is obsolete and now the result of the semen analysis test is announced with the help of the software available in the laboratories, based on the standards of the World Health Organization. Fortunately, the cost of the test is very low and the test result will be known within an hour.

  1. Normally, what should semen look like?

Semen is a viscous, stretchy, cloudy, white or gray liquid with a pungent smell that coagulates immediately after ejaculation and will return to a clear and liquid state within 5-45 minutes at a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. In a normal sample, liquefaction is complete within 30 minutes. After complete liquefaction, the entire sample is transferred to the test tube using a pipette or syringe, and at this time the volume of semen is measured, which is normally between 1.5 and 5 ml and must be recorded in the spermogram..

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