What do you know about the limitations of Botox?

One of the methods of beautifying and removing facial wrinkles is the use of Botox, which has attracted a lot of attention from people, especially women. In this article, we discuss the methods of using and limitations of Botox.

Botox is a substance that was first used to relieve severe muscle spasms, but since the last 20 years, it has also been used in cosmetic cases; According to doctors, everyone can use Botox, but there are limitations that they should be aware of.

A member of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Rhinology Association said: Botox has been used since about 100 years ago to fix things such as neck tilt due to neck muscle spasms or to fix eye deviation in people with strabismus, but since 2000, it has been used for cosmetic purposes such as prevention or Facial wrinkle treatment is used as a non-surgical method.

Dr. Abolhasan Qaysari said: All people can use Botox for cosmetic purposes, except for some patients and also people who are in certain periods of life. Therefore, doctors should ask about the applicant’s health and illness before injecting Botox, and people who are in these conditions should avoid Botox injection.

Botox injection limitations

A specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery explained about the limitations of Botox: It is recommended that patients with MS, patients with neuromuscular disorders, and those with chronic liver and kidney diseases avoid Botox injections.

Kayseri continued: It is also emphasized in scientific sources that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use Botox.

Botox has no age limit

A member of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Rhinology Association said: There are different age standards regarding surgeries; For example, in nose plastic surgery (rhinoplasty), it is said that the minimum age should be 16 years for women and 17 years for men.

Kayseri added: But in the case of Botox, because people’s living conditions and work environment, as well as facial muscle activity, are different in different people, and people of any age can face the problem of facial wrinkles, depending on the doctor’s diagnosis and the problem Botox can be used for the patient at any age.

Emphasizing that Botox has no age limit, he said: All people who have wrinkles due to severe spasms or excessive activity of the facial muscles can use this method, and it usually starts at the age of 30. Is.

Tips for using Botox

Kayseri said: The most important issue in botox injection is the use of standard materials; Standard botox is produced in reputable companies in the world and these botox are approved by the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education in Iran.

He added: There are some non-standard botox in the Iranian market that are smuggled into the country, and most of the complications we see with botox injections are related to these non-standard botox.

Kayseri emphasized: People who want to use Botox should use standard materials and must have received Botox injection training because otherwise they will cause problems or complications for patients.

He added: Botox injection is considered as a simple method in Iran, it is used a lot and non-specialists can easily use it. Therefore, we hope that with the supervisions determined by the medical system organization and the Ministry of Health, from now on, specialists who have received the necessary training in this field will start using this method.

Kayseri emphasized: Botox injection by non-specialists is illegal and doctors who want to inject must have attended training courses.

He added: People who inject should have enough information about Botox and facial muscles and know which muscles are responsible for these changes in the face. If these things are followed, the occurrence of complications is very rare.

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