What effect does a migraine have on sex?

Migraine is a type of headache that can make it difficult for you to perform many daily activities. It is interesting to know that this problem can even affect aspects of love and friendship. New research shows that One-fourth of migraine sufferers experience significant changes in the frequency and quality of sexual intercourse, which has resulted in separation in five percent of people. In this article, we want to introduce you to tricks that prevent serious problems in your personal relationships. do.

Symptoms of migraine include nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to odor, light, sound, movement, and touch. Think about what you need to have a good sexual experience. Here’s how migraines limit your sex life.
Migraines can affect your bedroom as well: Findings from a new study show that women with migraines experience more pain during sex. But another study found that having sex helped relieve migraine symptoms in some women. Of course, some researchers believe that sex and orgasm are associated with migraines, but this connection is rarely realized.
Some people, especially those with chronic migraines, need to take preventative medications. If you also have a chronic migraine, you should ask your doctor to give you medicine to relieve your pain. People with chronic headaches experience higher levels of depression and anxiety than those without migraines. If you treat your mood disorders, you will find that you will have more enthusiasm in the bedroom.
About 75% of people with migraines are women. If you are one of these people, you should know that hormonal changes caused by menstruation often cause headaches. Knowing this, you can postpone your sex to another time. Some women get better with birth control pills, but others have more severe symptoms. Sometimes changing pills also helps. However, if you have a regular schedule, you will get better results. Regular exercise and drinking plenty of water throughout the day is also effective.

Source: Al-Doctor

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