What effect does dopamine have on the brain?

This article summarizes some concepts about sex and its effects. What happens when you leave a male mouse alone in a cage with a receptive female mouse? First you see a passionate sexual relationship. Then gradually the male mouse gets tired of that female.

If the female wants more, the male doesn’t want more. But, if you replace the original female mouse with a fresh female, the male will immediately be stimulated again and will try valiantly to impregnate her. You can repeat this process with fresh females until the male is completely gone.

This is called the Coolidge effect – or the automatic reaction to new partners. It is interesting that men ejaculate more motile sperm when they see someone new for sex, and they do it faster. This automatic and strong reaction to the novelty of lust is what actually gets people hooked on Internet sex.

Like a lab rat, you have an instinctive mechanism in your brain that compels you to impregnate the 2D females, males (or whatever) on the screen. The collage effect also occurs in the female gender. Studies show that, when the situation is right, predatory females are no less sexually promiscuous than males. Your brain’s instinctual circuitry covers emotions, desires, impulses, and unconscious decision-making power. They do their job so well that evolution hasn’t seen the need to change it much, even since man was not yet human.

Internet Sex / Your Brain and Sex

Asking the brain for more dopamine

For you, rats, and all mammals, the desire and motivation to pursue sex comes mainly from a neurochemical called Dopamine originates Dopamine It charges the central and primitive part of the brain called the “reward pathway”. This is where we experience cravings, cravings, and pleasure, and where we become addicted.

This ancient reward pathway prompts you to do things that ensure your survival, or encourage you to pass on your genes. At the top of our list of human rewards are food, sex, love, friendship, and experiencing new things. Compared to addictive chemicals, these are called “natural enhancers.” evolutionary goal Dopamine Encouraging you to do things that benefit your genes.

The bigger the job, the more you will want it. If dopamine is not involved you will ignore it. Chocolate cake and ice cream? A big explosion! Celery? Not so much! Sexual arousal is the most explosive Dopamine in the way of reward. Although Dopamine It is often referred to as the “pleasure molecule”, but this is not technically correct. Dopamine is generally about results, seeking and seeking rewards, or waiting and wanting.

The effect of dopamine on pleasure

Dopamine It creates the drive and desire needed to pursue rewards or long-term goals. Although this is debatable, it seems that the ultimate reward or good feelings originate from narcotics. But in simple words: dopamine is wanting, drugs are loving. As psychologist Suzanne Winschenk explained, the neurotransmitter dopamine does not cause pleasure in humans, but rather a seeking behavior. He wrote: “Dopamine makes us want, desire, demand and search.

But it is the drug system that makes a person feel pleasure. But; System Dopamine It is stronger than the drug system, we want and demand more than what we are satisfied with, perhaps one phrase can be called addiction as “the madness of wanting more”.

Dopamine and the request for more novelty

Dopamine motivates a person to seek new things. A new car, a new movie release, the latest gadget… we are all hooked on dopamine. Like everything new when Dopamine May decrease, his excitement will be lost. The Coolidge effect works like this: the rat’s reward pathway releases less and less dopamine in response to the same substance, but for a new substance. Dopamine It erupts a lot. Sound familiar?

It is not surprising that mice and humans react to sexual stimulation There is not much difference between the new ones. For example, when Australian researchers repeatedly showed test subjects a pornographic film, the subject’s genitalia and analysis reports both showed a large drop in arousal. Well, the same “old old” is getting boring. Addiction is a sign of dopamine depletion.

After 18 shows, and the subjects were bored and nodding their heads, the researchers showed a new film for rounds 19 and 20. Oh! People and their reproductive organs were refocused and active. (Yes, in this test, Muent’s gender also showed the same symptoms).

Internet Sex / Your Brain and Sex

Internet sex The reward path is especially deceiving because it’s always a click away. It can either be a new couple, or an unusual scene, a strange sexual act, or you can fill in the blanks yourself with a suitable option.

By opening multiple tabs in a web browser and clicking through the hours, you can experience the number of sexual pairings per 10 minutes that our hunter-gatherer ancestors experienced during their lifetime. Research confirms that reward anticipation and novelty reinforce each other to increase excitement and rewire the brain’s limbic system. sex internet It is what scientists call supernormal stimulus. These are exaggerated and perhaps artificial versions of normal stimuli, which we mistakenly and ignorantly value unnaturally.

The next part of this article: the reasons for people’s arousal when using pornographic films

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