What effect does sex have on the skin?

Intimacy or sexual intercourse are two names that are used for the time when a couple has intercourse. Sexual intercourse between a couple is a good deed that God loves very much and records a great reward for both parties when doing it. In addition to pleasure, sexual intercourse has properties that the skin also includes.

Do you want your body to be ready and strong, to have better skin without acne and wrinkles, your creation to be open? Just have more sex.

According to a new study conducted by scientists at the University of Corten, Australia, sexual intercourse that is out of interest leads to the release of hormones that improve the physical and mental condition of humans.

“When we look at the function of these hormones, we see that they are effective in reducing stress, and in particular endorphins work as a natural antidepressant,” said Professor Matt Tilly of the University of Corten.

The feeling of love and affection triggers the release of two things: endorphins (nerve peak) and serotonin (hormone). Both are great for the skin.

Properties of endorphin release in the body:

Helps grow new skin cells and collagen and minimizes skin wrinkles and acne.

It releases an antibody called “immunoglobulin A” which fights whiteheads, severe eczema, psoriasis and acne.

Sweating and then taking a bath is also a great way to get rid of all the bacteria that has accumulated on the skin of the face.

Source: Simorgh

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