What effects does depression have on marital relationships?

Depression is a problem that has many root causes. Over time, people who suffer from depression face many mental and physical problems that have a direct impact on their lives. This issue has no effect on marital relations as well as sexual relations and causes damage to this issue as well.

Depression affects all aspects of life. In this case, it should be acknowledged that relationships with the opposite sex are not excluded from this. When one of the parties in a relationship suffers from depression, the relationship is so damaged that it can be said that its survival will face a serious problem. Of course, it can be said that a good relationship can play the role of a balm for those who suffer from depression; When we don’t feel like doing anything, a little love can lift us out of boredom.

If your partner is depressed!

Depressed people don’t want to do daily tasks, they feel that their body doesn’t have enough energy, they can’t cope with everything, they also lose the ability to communicate properly with their family, friends and even their life partner. In such a situation, the other party may feel unloving and reluctant. This misunderstanding will finally end in the separation of two people from each other. On the other hand, the second party may feel that he was the main cause of depression in his partner. Sometimes the situation becomes so bad that two people suspect each other and think that the other person has taken a lover. It should be noted that all these things are baseless thoughts, but anyway, controlling personal emotions is a bit difficult. If you react negatively to such a situation and get a little angry, your reactions in this regard are completely normal. If your partner couldn’t answer you with a small smile, love you like before, enjoy the moments he spends with you, and… you have to accept that all these things are symptoms of his illness.

How to act around sexual issues

There is still no substantiated evidence of the chemical interactions that occur in the brain during this disease. Few researches have been done in the field of the effect of depression on sexual relations, which we will briefly look at in this section.

From the clinical point of view, it is clear that depression affects all the body’s organs, makes their normal function difficult, and makes the body’s reactions slower than normal. Depression especially affects people’s sleep and rest schedule. Sleep disorders have been reported in most patients. Depression also has a negative effect on any activity that requires enthusiasm, spontaneity, and mutual cooperation, among which we can also mention sex. It can be said that most people who are depressed lose their desire for sex over time. Of course, it cannot be definitely stated that 100% of depressed patients do not want to have sex. Among them, there have been cases that maintain their sexual relations naturally, and sex is the only factor that can reassure them and calm them down.

In men, the decrease in mental activity causes fatigue and boredom, which ultimately leads to a decrease in lust and causes problems in the field of erection. In women, the reduction of mental activity causes them to lose their interest in having sex and find problems in reaching orgasm. Of course, all these problems improve by themselves with the improvement of depression. In fact, it can be said that rekindling interest in having sex is one of the first signs of recovery.

Sex and antidepressants

Depression is not the only disease that negatively affects a person’s sex life. Antidepressants such as “Prozac” can also have an adverse effect on a person’s sexual performance. One of the most common side effects that these drugs have on the patient is that it increases the time to reach the peak of sexual pleasure and in some cases the person loses the ability to reach orgasm altogether. If this happens to you, ask your doctor to change your medication.

How can depressed people help themselves and their families?

Some days these people are better than others. On days when they are feeling well, they should try to show more love and affection to the people around them and especially to their life partner. Choose a code name, for example, the name of a favorite movie, and then use it to indicate that you are not interested in having sex and would rather just cuddle him.

Try to walk every day, it is better to do this with your wife. Walking not only exposes you to the open air, but like other sports activities, it also increases the amount of endorphins in the brain. Endorphin is a type of chemical that can easily change your inner state and create a good feeling in your body. Even on days when you don’t have good conditions, try to find a relaxing moment, such as the sound of birds singing or the flowers blooming in your garden. Practice finding at least three of these calming things in your life every day. When you are depressed, there are changes in your eating habits. Your appetite may disappear completely or you may have an insatiable appetite. Try to eat fruit 5 times a day. This will help to maintain your physical and mental health.

Listen to the music you like.

Believe that the period of depression will also end and the days will come again when you can enjoy life.

How to help a depressed partner

Do not try to pretend that you fully understand his situation, because you cannot do such a thing. Instead, tell him: I cannot understand exactly how you feel, but I will do my best to understand your situation and help you. The vast majority of people who experience depression lose interest in sex. Try to convince him that this reluctance is not due to personal issues and is exclusively related to his illness. Do not despair; Some days you may feel that your efforts are going nowhere, but be sure that the expression of constant affection will eventually have its effect and you will be able to make them realize their true personal values. Convince him to see a specialist and get the necessary help from him. Depression is not a category that can be fought alone. Remember: recovering from depression is like recovering from surgery. Take good care of him and give him as much love as you can. Of course, don’t expect that your work will pay off quickly.

Do interesting things for yourself. Living with a depressed person is a bit boring, that’s why you should take care of yourself. Take time for yourself, go out with your friends or go to the cinema. Patients who are suffering from depression prefer to stay at home and do nothing, if you want to do this, you may also get into trouble. Always remember that these times will also pass and your partner, who is currently suffering from depression, is the same person as before and nothing has changed.

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