What factors are involved in the graying of hair?

It is true that the graying of hair is directly related to the age of people, but some people have gray hair before they get old. It is possible to see in families that the child’s hair has turned white, but the hair of the parents is not yet white, so the whiteness of the hair cannot be just because of age and old age, so what factors affect it and what are the ways to prevent it?

Experiences show that the lack of metals such as manganese, zinc, titanium, iron and copper are the main factors in hair whitening and brittleness. According to nutritionists, people with white hair should eat fruits such as apples, pears, peaches, and all fruits that are rich in various metals, especially manganese, as well as vegetables such as garlic, onions, shallots, and leeks that contain manganese. Include in your diet plan.

Eating foods containing copper and manganese is very effective in preventing gray hair. Available findings show that among the herbal medicines, wheat bran decoction, valerian consumption, daily consumption of 1 tablespoon of a mixture of rice bran powder and sugar or ground candies, and including barley bread in the diet also help in maintaining hair color. And reducing white hair is effective.

Copper is also one of the elements that can affect the skin and hair and even prevents hair from turning white. Foods such as peas, mushrooms, nuts, beans, lentils, tomatoes, bananas, plums, soybeans and potatoes are among the foods that contain a significant amount of copper.

Aging alone does not whiten hair Vitamin B12 deficiency, thyroid disease, smoking (the rate of hair graying in smokers is four times that of non-smokers), anemia, strict and long-term diets, hereditary factors, diseases and increased White blood cells also cause premature and excessive graying of hair

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