What factors cause acne exacerbation?

Apart from hormonal changes, the most important factors affecting pimples are:
Weather: humidity, heat and excessive sweating cause acne to worsen.
Physical stimulation: pressure, stimulation and repeated, intense and continuous massage of the skin can cause or aggravate acne.
Medicines: steroids (commonly known as corticosteroids), compounds containing iodine and bromine (such as expectorants, radiological contrast agents, some vitamins), phenytoin, some types of birth control pills, lithium and large amounts of vitamins B12 and B1 They can cause or aggravate acne.
Chemical and industrial substances: long-term contact with halogenated hydrocarbons (solvents, gasoline, oil, etc.), oil and industrial detergents are serious causes of boils and their aggravation.
Cosmetics: All greasy and oily cosmetics can aggravate pimples.
Nutrition: There are still no valid and solid reasons about the effect of food on pimples, but without a doubt, most patients have noticed the relationship between the severity of their pimples and the consumption of certain foods, and for this reason, it is recommended that it is better if there is such a relationship. Reduce the consumption of related foods (especially fatty, sweet and high-carbohydrate foods).

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February 11, 2015 16:32

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