What factors cause disruption in the ejaculation process

If the problem of premature ejaculation is not dealt with properly, it can lead to serious unwanted consequences. Men with premature ejaculation have low marital satisfaction, low sexual self-confidence, and try to avoid intercourse. Sometimes it leads to depression and problems between us and our spouse. Wives of men who have premature ejaculation are more likely to suffer from sexual dissatisfaction and individual stress.

At first, I would like to give a brief explanation of the physiological process of ejaculation in men for the information of our dear readers. Ejaculation is a phenomenon in which central and peripheral nervous system are involved. Different parts of the brain work in a close relationship with each other to make a natural ejaculation happen in a man. Any factor that causes a disturbance or damage to the central or peripheral nervous system can lead to a disturbance in the ejaculation process.. For example, in patients who suffer from diabetes for a long time, the peripheral nerves of the body may be damaged, and in some of these men, we will have the phenomenon of retrograde ejaculation, in which, when ejaculating, semen spills into the bladder and It is later excreted in the urine. A number of neural mediators act in the control of ejaculation, the most important of which is serotonin. Serotonin has an inhibitory effect on ejaculation. When the stimulation threshold in the brain reaches the required level, ejaculation occurs. If we increase the level of serotonin in the brain, ejaculation will be delayed. This mechanism is used to treat premature ejaculation, which will be mentioned in the following lines.

Basically, proper treatment of any disease, including premature ejaculation, consists of correct diagnosis and effective and safe treatment. In cases where the prevalence of a disease is high in society, increasing people’s awareness is very important. Each disease has its own scientific definition that the relevant specialist knows. Different people may have a specific definition in their mind or have different expectations of themselves, but this is not the reason for the existence of disease and unfortunately, a number of profit-making companies have taken advantage of this and made hundreds of millions of dollars in profits from the pockets of their patients. have in the year For the information of our dear readers, we will start with the scientific definition of the disease. Premature ejaculation refers to ejaculation earlier than two minutes after penetration It means that it happens in more than 90% of marital relations, and it is if the person has regular and regular intercourse, which means that if the frequency of sexual intercourse is low, for example, once a month or even less than that, it is not Being able to accurately judge whether a person has premature ejaculation or not. The definition given here of premature ejaculation is very important, and the doctor should examine and treat men who fall under the scientific definition.

There are 2 types of premature ejaculation. One type primitive is that the person has premature ejaculation from the beginning of his married life, and the other is secondary, which means that the patient experiences premature ejaculation after a period of normal marital relations. After it is determined that a man has premature ejaculation according to the scientific definition, one should not immediately go to the pen and prescribe medicine to the patient. The phenomenon of premature ejaculation requires a detailed examination by a doctor specializing in sexual disorders, which starts with taking a detailed history and talking to the patient. Sometimes, when we talk to the patient, we realize that there are some other problems that have manifested as premature ejaculation and in fact the person does not have premature ejaculation. For example, our emotional problems between husband and wife sometimes show themselves in the form of premature ejaculation, or the man has an erection disorder in the form of inability to maintain it, and so that this inability to maintain an erection does not become a problem or is not revealed. , the person deliberately facilitates the occurrence of ejaculation. In these cases, the root of the problem must be addressed and resolved. In addition to the above-mentioned issues, there are a number of diseases that can cause premature ejaculation, and in fact, if possible, the primary cause should be treated, after which the secondary cause of the disease, which is premature ejaculation, will also be treated.

For the information of dear readers, the most important diseases that cause secondary premature ejaculation are briefly explained. The chief of these diseases is infection or inflammation of the prostate, which is called prostatitis. This is different from prostate enlargement, which begins gradually after the age of 50. Men with prostate infection or inflammation may experience severe premature ejaculation. No matter how much such people undergo conventional treatments for premature ejaculation, they will not recover until their prostatitis is treated. Other causes are psychological issues, for example, sometimes men who suffer from anxiety also experience premature ejaculation secondary to it, and by treating anxiety, their premature ejaculation is also treated. Sometimes premature ejaculation is caused by a hormonal disease, for example, people suffering from hyperthyroidism may experience premature ejaculation. As mentioned above, one of the relatively common causes of premature ejaculation is the small number of marital relationships, which is a relatively important cause and should be taken into account.

But we come to the ways to treat premature ejaculation. Before starting to briefly explain the treatment of premature ejaculation, two important points should be noted, otherwise the treatment will be ineffective and the client, in addition to incurring costs, will be exposed to the side effects of various drugs, which are sometimes dangerous. , will be placed. The first point is the accurate diagnosis of premature ejaculation, which should be included in its scientific definition. Different people may have different expectations of themselves or false beliefs, which should be discussed with these people and explained that they do not have a specific disease, and should not seek different treatments unnecessarily. The next point is to examine the patient suffering from premature ejaculation in terms of the possible presence of other diseases that have led to premature ejaculation, because if, for example, a man has prostatitis, he will not benefit from conventional treatments for premature ejaculation, and prescribing medicine to such men Not recommended.

Before dealing with premature ejaculation treatment methods, it is necessary to convey some general points to the dear readers: 1- There is no drug that can cure premature ejaculation 100% 2- There is no type of device approved by reliable scientific authorities to treat premature ejaculation. Does not exist. 3- In general, the goal of a doctor is always to treat a disease, not to relieve it temporarily. For example, a patient presents with a chronic headache, God forbid, it may be caused by a brain tumor, and simply prescribing painkillers to these people will be ignoring the main disease. It is the case of some creams and sprays, most of which contain an anesthetic called xylocaine or lidocaine. These creams and sprays not only have no effect on mani, but they also have 4 complications. First, they gradually make a habit for the patient that he must use it permanently, secondly, the level of sexual satisfaction decreases in both the target person and especially in his wife. Thirdly, their therapeutic effects gradually decrease and the patient has to increase the amounts used, which is dangerous, because anesthetics are easily absorbed into the blood through the skin and mucous membranes, and taking too much of them increases the risk of drug poisoning in the husband as well. And it also affects the wife, and the last point is that the use of creams and sprays, which are sometimes produced by unauthorized centers, increases the possibility of genital infections, especially in women.

In general, there are three types of scientifically recognized treatments for premature ejaculation: psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, and drug therapy. Currently, in the beginning, the standard treatment is drug therapy. If drug therapy is done correctly, it will be effective in 70-80% of patients and they will be cured forever. In cases where drug treatment is not effective, the patient should be treated with psychotherapy or behavioral therapy by the relevant specialist. In medical science, there are one or more selected drugs for many diseases that require drug therapy, but this does not apply to premature ejaculation. Firstly, premature ejaculation does not have a selective drug treatment, secondly, there are offending drugs from different drug families to treat premature ejaculation. An important point to note is that when a single treatment is effective in a disease, another patient may not benefit from it. This means that the doctor decides which is the best medicine for the patient after taking the history and necessary investigations. Sometimes it is observed that the patient suffering from premature ejaculation who has benefited from the prescription of medicine, recommends the same to friends and acquaintances, which can be dangerous. Currently, most of the drugs that are prescribed for the medical treatment of premature ejaculation are from the family of drugs that increase the amount of serotonin in the brain. The main use of these drugs is in the treatment of depression, which are prescribed with different dosages and regimens in patients suffering from premature ejaculation. While there are different types of these drugs in the market, each disease will benefit from a particular type of them depending on the clinical conditions, and if they are not prescribed and used correctly, they can lead to harmful side effects. The last important issue regarding the treatment of premature ejaculation is the method of prescribing and using the drug, in relation to which 3 points should be noted: 1- The drug treatment of premature ejaculation is daily, that is, it is necessary for the patient to take the prescribed medication every day until the doctor The doctor knows it is advisable to take it, in other words, taking a particular drug a few hours before intercourse has no place in the treatment of premature ejaculation. 2- The drug treatment of premature ejaculation is long-term, and it usually takes at least two weeks for the therapeutic effects of the prescribed drug to appear. You have to wait. 3- The prescribed medicine should not be stopped all at once, the way to stop the medicine and the time will be determined by the attending physician. In the end, I hope that the suggested points will be a guide for dear readers in order to avoid getting caught in malicious advertisements of satellite and internet networks.

Source – Dr. Mohammadreza Safarinejad

October 6, 1392 08:26

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