What foods should be eaten in a cold country?

Sweden is a country that is famous for its heat and cold, especially in winter. The people of this country traditionally have principles and food plan to prevent cold, which we will examine some of them in this section.1 consumption of fried or mashed potatoes

Usually, protein-rich foods have more heat generation, but what is seen in the case of Swedish people is the consumption of carbohydrates with a lot of fat. If the prepared sauce or puree contains pepper, it can be heat-generating to some extent, otherwise, it should be justified that these people try to get more energy by getting a larger portion of fat, and because the metabolism and body temperature increase, people’s tolerance for Coping with cold also increases.

2 eating jam and butter for breakfast
Eating jam and butter in breakfast is not recommended and if it is repeated, it can cause cardiovascular diseases. Of course, it should be remembered that in the past, due to the unavailability of fruits in winter, consuming jam was a good habit, while today this lack of access is no longer seen, so eating jam is no longer necessary to supply the body with fruit. But it seems that the habit of eating butter with jam among Swedes goes back to receiving more energy to warm the body.

3 Strong coffee, a popular drink
Caffeine itself is exothermic and warms the body as a stimulant. The recommended amount of caffeine per day is one or two regular coffees or a cup of strong coffee. Because excessive caffeine consumption will result in side effects such as hand tremors, decreased concentration, insomnia, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular problems.

4. Eating homemade toast with butter for dinner
As we can see in this habit, Swedes usually have a habit of consuming carbohydrates with fat. Together, these two not only keep Swedes full in the cold season, but also warm their bodies. In general, it is recommended to have 3 groups in all meals, where carbohydrates are one of these groups and should provide 50-60% of our daily energy. Of course, it would be better if bread (that too of the whole type) is a supplier of daily carbohydrates in all meals.

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