What is a breast prosthesis?

Breast prosthesis It is one of the methods used to make breasts bigger and more shapely. Many women are in favor of this method. In this article, we want to provide you with complete information about this method and its types. With Hi doctor Be with me.

Different types of breast prostheses

Salt water prostheses

Salt water prostheses Round and filled with sterile saline solution, it is a solution that is naturally present in the body. The prosthesis flattens if it ruptures, and its fluid is absorbed by the body through a natural process. Patients younger than 18 years can not do this Breast prosthesis To use.

Silicone prostheses

Silicone prostheses They are round and full of sticky gel with a natural appearance and do not cause discomfort to the patient. Silicone prosthesis It does not disappear if it is torn. The patient must be at least 22 years old to be able to use this type of prosthesis Breast augmentation use.

Shaping gel prostheses

Gel-shaped prostheses are made of silicone with very high adhesion strength and a shape that fits the anatomy of the patient’s body. With the help of these prostheses, rest time and recovery are reduced and fewer complications are possible. Of course, patients younger than 22 years can not Breast prosthesis surgery Use silicone.

Suitable people for breast prosthesis

The ideal applicants are healthy, non-smoking women with well-elastic skin and realistic expectations of the outcome. Patients should follow the instructions for preoperative preparation and postoperative care to ensure that the healing process is carried out in the best way and the optimal result is achieved.

Preoperative preparation

The patient should be preoperative Breast prosthesis Be sure to inform your surgeon about the medications you are taking, as some of those medications may interfere with the surgical procedure, so your doctor may ask the patient to stop taking some medications or change their prescription. Obviously, supplementation is very important. Aspirin, aspirin products, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements should be taken 10 days before Breast prosthesis operation Stop.

Depending on the patient’s physical condition, the doctor may determine that certain tests are necessary and may ask the patient if they have recently Mammography Has not performed this imaging test before surgery.

Breast prosthesis operation

In addition to breast augmentation with gel, an outpatient prosthesis can be used, which is performed under general anesthesia for one to two hours. After the different methods of breast augmentation were examined in the consultation session and the surgeon chose the size and type of prosthesis according to the patient’s condition and preference; Finally, the method of making the incision and placement of the prosthesis is determined. The surgeon can make incisions in three different places to insert the prosthesis: the armpit, the halo around the breast (the tissue around the nipple), or the crease under the breast. Dr. Rasekhi makes all these incisions in such a way that they are as blurred and indistinct as possible.

The surgeon inserts the prosthesis into the body after making an incision in the muscle above or below the chest wall. The body holds the prosthesis in place and prevents it from moving under the skin. The surgeon closes the incision and sews it after placing the prosthesis in place.

Breast prosthesis

Location of breast prosthesis incisions

Several different incisions are used to place the prosthesis in the breast. Under-breast incision is the most commonly used incision made under the breast along the bust line. Breast implants can also be inserted through an armpit incision or incision along the areola, the colored area around the nipple. Under certain conditions it is possible to place Breast prosthesis An incision is made in the umbilical region.

Things to look out for after surgery

After the operation, you can walk slowly and do very light work, but you should be careful not to do any stretching or lifting work for the first 10 days. After this period, you can even return to work, start light arm and leg exercises after 3 weeks, and you can start arm and shoulder exercises and swimming after 6 weeks. Driving is allowed after one week and sexual activity is not prohibited after 4 weeks.

The wound site should be properly bandaged and the operation site should be kept dry for 2 weeks. After a week, the dressing will be removed and the wound will be examined and cleaned. Fortunately, the wounds are small and about 4 cm. At first, the sores are red, inflamed, prominent, and even itchy, which fades and becomes smoother over time. This process is a normal state of wound healing and takes about 2 years. Lasers and daily massages can be used to speed up and facilitate the healing process.

Recovery period after surgery

Pain, swelling, and possibly a few temporary sensory changes after surgery are normal. Depending on the profession, the patient can return to work a few days to a few weeks after the operation. Of course, the pain will probably last for several weeks.

The prosthesis is never like a real breast and it feels completely artificial

Although silicone prostheses are very similar to real breasts, they are man-made anyway and cannot have a natural shape or texture. Of course, prostheses that are placed under a person’s main breast are more natural and do not appear to be artificial.

  Breast prosthesis

Possible complications after breast prosthesis surgery

Breast prosthesis It is a safe procedure, provided it is performed by an experienced and skilled surgeon, however Breast prosthesis In addition to its specific side effects, it may have the common side effects of all surgeries. By referring to a skilled surgeon and following his instructions about preoperative preparation and postoperative care, you can minimize the possibility of complications, but you should also be aware of the possible complications of the operation so that if you encounter problematic symptoms, you can act quickly. .

Does a prosthesis cause cancer and prevent it from being diagnosed?

No, in studies, there is no connection between prosthesis placement and creation Breast Cancer, Autoimmune diseases and other systemic diseases are not found. There is currently no conclusive evidence that cancer is diagnosed in women with prosthetics at a more advanced stage.

Is it okay to sunbathe or solarium after breast prosthesis surgery?

Taking a sunbath or using a solarium does not normally damage the prosthesis, but direct sunlight or solarium radiation to the surgical incision should be avoided for a year. Because it darkens the scar, the point to keep in mind about the solarium is that because the prosthesis loses heat later than the body, the person may feel that the prosthesis has softened after using the solarium. ; It is therefore recommended up to a few months after surgery solarium Do not use.

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