What is a gastric ulcer diet? The do’s and don’ts of food

What is a gastric ulcer diet? Doctors say a stomach ulcer is an open sore that forms in the stomach. There are two main factors that lead to stomach ulcers, such as a bacterial infection also known as Helicobacter pylori, or the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin. Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is the most common cause of bacterial ulcers. Gastric or peptic ulcer disease increases the risk of gastric cancer. In this article from the section Nutrition And Dr. Salam’s diseases, we will explain about the diet of stomach ulcers.

Stomach ulcer diet

Health experts have shown that there is no specific diet that can get rid of stomach ulcers. However, you can add and remove food sources to prevent further damage.

Allowed foods in the stomach ulcer diet

1. Probiotic foods

To heal stomach ulcers, increase your intake of probiotic foods such as kimchi, kefir, yogurt, kambucha, cabbage and miso. These foods have healing and soothing properties that are essential for treating stomach ulcers. In addition, probiotic foods contain dietary fiber that balances the activity of good and bad bacteria in your gut. Consuming a cup of yogurt can neutralize the burning sensation that is common in stomach ulcers.

2. Green leafy vegetables in gastric ulcer diet

Green leafy vegetables are effective in treating stomach disorders such as stomach ulcers. Health experts suggest that adding green leafy vegetables to your diet is great to get rid of stomach ulcers. In addition, nutritionists recommend eating kale and spinach because they are nutritious. They are full of various enzymes that fight bacteria that cause ulcers in the stomach. You can eat cabbage and spinach raw or cooked. However, when cooking these vegetables, do not add spices to them and choose fresh vegetables instead.

3. Olive oil

Vegetable oils, such as olive oil, are good for your health. That’s why doctors recommend adding olive oil to your daily diet. Olive oil provides omega-3s and many minerals that not only treat stomach problems, but also regulate irregular bowel movements. So, when you have a stomach ulcer, try to use natural olive oil to completely heal.

Stomach ulcer diet

4. Turmeric in gastric ulcer diet

If you claim that Turmeric It is a wonderful spice, make no mistake. Unlike other spices, you can use turmeric to treat stomach ulcers. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that are related to inflammation related to over-consumption Ibuprofen Or prevent other medications. Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is one of the most common gastric ulcers. You can treat this condition and reduce this worry by adding a small amount of turmeric to your food.

5. Green tea

If Green tea You may want to increase your intake of food because of the antioxidants it contains. Antioxidants are essential for fighting pathogens that contribute to various diseases. Gastric or peptic ulcer is one of them and consuming green tea can reduce the swelling and inflammation of your stomach. Nutritionists assure you that if you eat just one cup of fresh green tea before going to bed, it will stop stomach ulcers in the first place.

6. Poultry in gastric ulcer diet

Eating chicken or turkey does not harm stomach ulcers. Chickens or turkeys are full of nutrients that increase bile production and help you eliminate toxins and waste products without harming your health. You can consume a moderate amount of poultry resources. However, use skinless chicken or turkey and avoid adding spices and sauces as they increase inflammation.

7. Berries

Sweet and sour berries contain antioxidants that help reduce inflammation. Berries like raspberries and blueberries have healing properties. When you consume a cup of berries daily, they speed up the recovery process.

Stomach ulcer diet

Foods you should not eat if you have a stomach ulcer

1. Spicy food

Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is a serious health problem. Therefore, you should eliminate spicy foods from your diet to prevent their adverse effects on the stomach. For example, avoid eating sauces and condiments, chili peppers, and black peppers.

2. Caffeine

Doctors recommend eliminating tea and coffee if you have a stomach ulcer, as caffeinated beverages may increase the burning sensation in your stomach. You should also eliminate fizzy drinks to cure stomach ulcers in a short time

3. Fried foods in the stomach ulcer diet

You may like to eat French fries or other items with different sauces. However, these foods can make your condition worse. Fried foods increase your stomach pain and delay the healing process.

4. Soup or broth

When you have a stomach ulcer, if you consume soup, it may cause indigestion. On the other hand, soups with hot milk or sauces can cause gastritis. So, if you have a stomach ulcer, eliminate the soup and eat low-light, spicy foods instead.

5. Bread products

Cookies, cakes, cookies, pastries and other bread items can make your situation worse. So, almost stop eating these to heal stomach ulcers.

Stomach ulcer diet

Stomach Diet Precautions

Stomach disorders such as stomach ulcers can lead to chronic diseases. By following certain precautions, you can reduce the risk of stomach problems. Note that you can find many home remedies online for treating stomach ulcers within a week. However, home remedies are not always safe, especially when you feel a burning sensation in your chest and stomach. . In this case, you should avoid medications and home remedies and choose a medical treatment immediately.

Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is the only treatment that can cure acne. However, there are some precautions you should follow after diagnosing the symptoms of a stomach ulcer, such as a burning sensation in the stomach after meals, to eliminate the side effects.

  • Increase water consumption. Drink at least 9 glasses of water a day
  • Do not eat chocolate because some people are prone to heartburn.
  • Do not eat tomatoes because it irritates the stomach and chest.
  • Avoid eating raw vegetables.
  • Cook your food in low oil and spices.
  • Use fresh vegetables.
  • Do not eat for two hours before going to bed.
  • Eat small but burst meals.
  • Do not be hungry.


With proper diet and treatment, you can not only get rid of stomach ulcers, but also prevent them from recurring. We recommend that you consult a doctor because medical help will help you recover quickly.

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