What is a good and durable hair color?

Are you used to dyeing your hair too? Do you know what kind of hair dye is good for you and which type will be more durable and the color will not fade quickly? Do you know the points that you should pay attention to when coloring your hair?

We have read and heard in many places that excessive hair coloring, ie more than 10 times a year, can be harmful to our hair and sometimes our health, but sometimes hair color becomes dull or discolored or loses its beauty, and as a result, there is no choice but to dye. Does not remain. But if we learn how to take care of our hair so that its color always stays shiny and alive, it is no longer necessary to constantly dye your hair to restore its beauty. Here we tell you everything you need to know to maintain hair color so that you always have beautiful and attractive hair.

Which hair color is stable?
Usually, people who dye or highlight their hair stay on their hair longer than those who dye their entire hair, especially if the dye or highlight is on your own natural hair because it shows less when the hair roots fall out. Of course, you should pay attention to the highlight color or policy that you choose, depending on your skin color, age and how long you have to get your hair. If you have dark skin, use red or warm colors such as wine, copper, cherry and red, and if you have light skin, use golden blonde, caramel, beige or pearl, pearl, icy, peach, lilac, lily, purple and ‌ colors. use. If this is your first time combing or highlighting your hair, I suggest testing with a few pieces of foil, that is, coloring a section of your hair instead of highlighting all of your hair at once. This allows you to easily change your color whenever you want to find the best color for you.

How to use emollient?
If you have never used conditioners or emollients, you must use this type of product after painting, but using emollients and conditioners also has special techniques; First of all, you should know that when the hair is very wet and full of water, the various substances in conditioners are not easily absorbed by the hair shaft, so it is best to take a little water in the bath before using conditioner or conditioner so that the conditioner works well. Sit on the hair shaft, then you can spread the conditioner well between the hair with your fingers or a large toothed comb.

When to shampoo colored hair?
In order for hair color to last, special rules must be followed when shampooing and washing hair; First of all, know that after coloring, you should not shampoo and wash your hair for at least 24 hours so that the color can penetrate well into each hair shaft. In addition, you should know that washing less hair equals more durable hair color, because when you wash your hair a lot, you wash the shampoo with natural fats on the hair, which protects the color. In fact, it is best to wash your hair one day, and if your hair is so greasy that the roots look completely dirty, you can use the dry shampoo technique.

What points should you observe when coloring your hair 😕
1. Do not leave hair dye on the head for too long.
2. Rinse the scalp thoroughly with water after coloring.
3. Wear gloves when using hair dye.
4. Carefully follow the instructions on the hair color package.
5. Do not mix different hair color products.
6. Never dye your eyebrows and eyelashes with hair dye. An allergic reaction to the dye may cause swelling or an increased risk of infection in the eye area. Accidental spillage of hair dye into the eye can cause permanent damage. The US Food and Drug Administration has banned the use of hair dye for eyebrows and eyelashes, even in beauty salons.

Do scars discolor hair?
In general, all hot conditioners such as irons, curling irons, or. Can dull and discolor your hair color, especially if your hair color is blond or reddish brown. If you want your hair color to be the least damaged, you should first completely rinse your hair with a towel so that your hair looks just a little damp, then use a hair dryer or iron. Of course, we suggest styling your hair at the lowest possible temperature. Also, for pulling the hair dryer, the hair dryer should never come in contact with the hair and it is better to use it with a distance and a gentle heat. In addition, do not use combs that are slightly toothed to brush, as they can make colored hair brittle.

Does the gel spoil?
Over time, the active and effective ingredients in hair beauty and health products decompose and as a result, their effectiveness is greatly reduced, so before using any product, first of all, pay attention to its expiration date and make sure that it is still out of date. It is not over. You can usually use shampoos and conditioners (conditioners) for up to 3 years, but conditioning products such as gels, mousses and have a longer shelf life. You can use these products for 3 to 5 years, but products that contain natural ingredients are less durable because they have less preservatives and as a result, they spoil faster. To find out if your product is spoiled, first look at the consistency of the ingredients, then see if the color or smell has changed. Also, if you want your products to have a longer life, do not keep them in the bath because the moisture in the bath has a great effect on the growth of bacteria.

Apply moisturizer
Hydrating the hair is an essential step in maintaining their health. Also, hair that has not lost its water retains its color for a longer period of time, along with using more conditioner, less shampoo, using moisturizing products and masks. It can increase the durability of your hair color, but you should use hot conditioners such as ironing and less. Of course, there are some home remedies that can be very helpful, such as using olive or coconut oil. . . So be sure to moisturize your hair once a week with such products.

Which colors do not use?
Do not use hair dyes that are too gray and do not match your skin color. Golden hair color is not suitable for every face and you should be careful about using them. Always use a hair conditioner that is suitable for your hair before coloring it. Because it helps the hair to shine after coloring. Try not to be too creative. The more different colors you combine and apply to your hair, the more you will damage your hair. Avoid hair dye reaching the roots of the hair; Because it damages the hair. Choose colors that match the main color of your hair. Before painting with the cream, cover the skin of the neck, around the corners and forehead to avoid some skin allergies.

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