What is a Spilus?

about Khal Spilus What do you know? Maybe in the past, having a mole was a privilege and even one of the criteria of beauty! But today, most people try to get rid of their moles somehow. Moles are caused by certain disorders in the body. There are several types of moles, including: Spilus Or the same Spailus Cited. In the following, we will discuss how to eliminate this type of mole. Be with Dr. Salam.

What is a mole?

Benign accumulation of cells Melanocyte It is known as melanocyte mole on the skin. Based on the location of melanocytes in the skin, moles are divided into three general categories, which are:

  • Attachment spots
  • Composite moles
  • Intermediate moles

These three types of moles are actually different stages in the development of a melanocyte mole.

The majority of moles are acquired and gradually appear on the skin from childhood. Some moles in puberty or during Pregnancy They develop or intensify. The number of moles increases until the age of 300. In an adult, there are an average of 20 to 300 moles. People who have been exposed to sunlight have more moles.

In childhood, more than 90 moles are connective, meaning that melanocytes proliferate at the junction of the dermis and epidermis. Over time, melanocytes migrate into the dermis and form a nest there, which is seen as a compound mole. At older ages, melanocyte proliferation at the junction of the dermis and epidermis stops, leaving only the cell mass inside the dermis. Remains in this case, it is referred to as the mole inside the dermis. The time of conversion of moles to each other is not fixed. A mole may always remain attached or quickly become two other types.

What is a Spilus mole?

Khal Spilus It is seen as several brown lesions that are placed next to each other and their size can vary from a few millimeters to a few centimeters. The background skin of these lesions is natural or darker than usual. Malignant melanoma rides on this Spots have been reported in several cases, so if possible, the spillus mole should be removed.

Spailus (Nevus Spilus) can occur anywhere on the body and cause you trouble. This type of mole is a natural occurrence and can happen to anyone. This type of mole produces large skin pigments and often affects the waist or chest. Other names Khalil Spailos These include Speckled Lentiginous Nevus and Zosteriform Lentiginous Nevus.

In most cases, these moles are asymptomatic and do not cause any particular side effects, but only in some people may cause problems for the person’s beauty.

Underlying factors Khalil Spailos as follows:

  • Epstein Syndrome

خال Spailus It occurs spontaneously and its cause is unknown. In general, there is no need to treat this condition unless it creates problems for the person’s beauty. Because these skin lesions are generally benign, the prognosis is excellent with or without treatment.

What is a Spilus?

The causative agent of spiliosis

The cause of this mole is still unknown. In some cases, researchers suspect genetic mutations, but these are not yet well established.

This condition can be present at birth or occur at any age. However, this type of mole mainly occurs in children and adolescents. In terms of gender, both men and women are affected by this condition and no gender bias is observed. All ethnicities and races are the same in terms of spillosis.

Complications of spilosis

Fascis Syndrome (An Uncommon Congenital Hemangioma Disorder)
Epstein’s syndrome
An uncommon skin condition called phacomatosis pigmentokeratotica

It should be noted that having a risk factor does not mean the development of a spillus mole, but only increases its likelihood. Some underlying factors are more important than others. On the other hand, not having any of the risk factors does not mean not having this condition.

What is a Spilus?

Treatment of mumps

Removing moles is a very easy and common practice today; You can easily go to a doctor’s office and have your mole removed; Of course, the method of treatment depends on the type of your mole, which is considered a special type of spillus. Removing moles is often a cosmetic procedure, however, in cases of suspected cancer, it is recommended that the mole be removed surgically.Laser Or not cut) and sent to a pathology laboratory to determine the exact nature. These include:

1- In an adult, any gap that grows and becomes larger or deforms in any way.

Spots that have one or more of the following symptoms:

A- The symmetry of the mole

B- Irregularity of the mole margin

C- Non-uniform color of the mole

D- Spots larger than 7 mm

Khal Spilus Due to its ugly appearance, it causes problems for patients and there is no effective treatment for it.

The dermatologist may prefer to constantly monitor the condition of the mole. The wait-and-see approach does not require treatment. Sometimes the doctor prefers to remove the mole surgically. This is usually done for aesthetic reasons. The mole can also be removed with an electrocautery method. Do not forget that regular check-ups and screenings are very important.

What is a Spilus?

Spillose treatment with carbon dioxide laser

Expert studies have noticed the good effectiveness of carbon dioxide lasers Khal Spilus For this reason, the present study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of carbon dioxide lasers Khal Spilus they did. Laser used is a sonic laser LS 500 (Made in Germany) with a power of 3 watts and a time of 0.25 seconds and spot size It was 3 mm.

findings: 45 patients were female and 2 were male. Their average age was 20 years and the location of the lesions in all cases was facial. Two of the above patients were excluded from the study due to ineffectiveness or infection at the test site. Of the remaining 45 patients, 43 patients (95.5%) responded appropriately and the treatment site improved without complications. After one year, recurrence of the lesion was seen in one of these 43 patients.

ConclusionCarbon dioxide laser treatment can be an effective treatment method Khal Spilus Be.

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