What is amoebiasis? How is it treated?

In this article entitled Amoebiasis What is the disease? How is it treated ?, has been published to acquaint you with this disease and How to treat amoebiasis We say. The cause of amoebic diarrhea in humans is amoeba entamoeba histolytica. The route of transmission of the infection in humans is anal-oral and is caused by ingestion of amoebic cysts (contaminated water and food). In the small intestine, the cyst becomes a trophozoite, located in the large intestine. Trophozoites can penetrate the intestinal wall and cause bloody diarrhea or go into the liver after entering the bloodstream and cause a liver abscess. The most common form of dysentery is amoebic diarrhea. 90% of infected patients are asymptomatic and are carriers of infectious cysts in the community. The diagnosis is made by examining the stool for the presence of erythrocytes (blood) cysts and trophozoites.

treatment: Treatment for amoebiasis involves the use of an anti-trophozoite (metronidazole) along with an anti-cyst drug (idoquinol-diloxanide-paromomycin or tetracyclines).

This article by Dr. Nima Torabi Golsfid Prepare and for Dr. Salam Medical Journal Sent.

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