What is burning of the soles of the feet or paresthesia?

Many people experience burning and heat in the soles of their feet from time to time, and this burning sensation can appear with or without pain. Paresthesia is a therapeutic term attributed to this burning and heat in the organs. This feeling can be severe or mild. Stay with Dr. Salam so that we can check the heating of the soles of the feet and its treatment in this post.

Paresthesia and its symptoms

Paresthesia is a scientific term that refers to the symptoms related to the feeling of heat and pain, tingling, numbness of the limbs. Paresthesia covers a wide range from mild to very severe and appears in two forms: acute or short-term and chronic or long-term.

In general, in addition to the feeling of burning and heat, this disorder has other symptoms, which include:

  • Redness of the place
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Increased sweating of the feet
  • Pain at the burning site

Feeling hot and increasing temperature

Paresthesia can appear in various age groups, although it seems to affect people over the age of 50 more often. However, the reason for this can be the damage that has been done to the spines of these people temporarily during their lifetime.

Causes of hot feet

Paresthesia occurs for many reasons. The causes of paresthesia include a wide range from simple fatigue to more serious conditions such as damage to the nerves, abnormalities of the vertebral column, or problems in the circulatory system. Regarding secondary complications, if there are any of the reasons mentioned, quick diagnosis and if there are such causes, immediate treatment is necessary to prevent long-term damage and the possible spread of the disease.

Causes of hot feet or paresthesia

1- Lumbar disc herniation:

Lumbar disc herniation occurs when the inner core of the disc is compressed or dislocated. This process causes pressure on the nerve, and as a result, pain may be transmitted to the leg through the sciatic nerve.

2- Narrowing of the spinal canal:

This condition means that the spinal canals and nerve roots are compressed or blocked. In this case, symptoms such as weakness, numbness and burning sensation in the person’s legs are observed.

3- Lumbar vertebrae frustration:

When the lumbar vertebrae put pressure on each other for some reason, they cause severe pressure on the nerve. This may cause pain in the lower back and radiate to the legs.

Also, this disorder may have other reasons, including working too much, obesity and overweight, alcohol addiction, lack of B vitamins, gout, diabetes and neuropathy. These reasons may seem unimportant, but a large number of patients visit the doctor for these reasons.

Treatment of hot feet

  • To treat this disorder or reduce the pain caused by it, the following can be used:
  • Wearing suitable and comfortable shoes
  • Wearing cotton and comfortable socks to reduce the amount of sweat in the feet
  • Use of vitamin B supplements
  • Rest your feet and work less
  • Keeping the legs elevated while resting
  • Quit drug and alcohol addiction
  • Anemia and iron deficiency

If the problem of hot feet occurs frequently and does not decrease by doing the above, see a doctor. Usually, the medical treatment of this condition includes the prescription of antifungal drugs, painkillers, nerve drugs, and specific drugs for diabetes (if diagnosed).

Also, the doctor may prescribe different types of topical ointments and creams or vitamin supplements or suggest a program to repair damaged nerves or damaged joints.

In general, considering the complications of this disease for the spine and its secondary complications, it is better that if you encounter these symptoms in your body, you should refer to specialized centers for foot diseases or neurologists and use their services to solve your problem.

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