What is cellulite and what is the treatment?

The main rule for eliminating cellulite It can be summed up in two words! Proper nutrition and exercise! To eliminate cellulite, you should take effective steps by using proper nutrition and diet, along with proper exercise and physical activity. In the process of diet modification, you should consume a high-fat diet such as fatty dairy products, fast foods and fast foods He reduced canned food, fatty foods and sugary foods and refined foods as much as possible to zero. Consumption of antioxidants due to their properties in eliminating toxins from the body and are actually natural cleansers of the body, can greatly help eliminate cellulite. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants.

In some articles, anti-cellulite properties such as:

Berries, oranges, fennel, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, coriander, carrots, black pepper and olive oil are mentioned. Drinking plenty of water and fluids is another miracle in eliminating cellulite. Another method of treating cellulite is topical solutions. Topical use of cucumber due to high humidity and various vitamins can cause collagen production and maintain tissue firmness.

Another topical treatment is the use of coffee scrubs on the cellulite area. Caffeine dilates blood vessels and tightens the outer tissues of the skin. Rubbing coffee on the skin releases toxins and some fats. To rub coffee on the skin, it is enough to mix its powder with oils that you usually rub on the skin, such as almond or olive oil, and then apply it on the skin.

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