What is Fauvism? Symptoms and factors causing it

Favism is one of the blood diseases that occurs due to the deficiency of one of the red blood cell anemias and finally causes severe anemia in a person. In this article from Hi doctor We have prepared information about favism, its symptoms and causes. We recommend that you definitely read this article and don’t miss it. Join us.

Fauvism is a hereditary blood disease that affects approximately 100 million people worldwide, including most people in Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Mediterranean. Basically, the most famous region in terms of the percentage of favism sufferers is the Mediterranean region, but over the centuries and the migration of people to different parts of the world, this disease has spread throughout the world. In Iran, it is mostly observed in the northern regions of the country.

Fauvism is caused by the deficiency of one of the enzymes of red blood cells, which, due to exposure to oxidizing substances of red blood cells, leads to their destruction and makes a person with Anemia faces severe

Beans are one of the foods that contain substances called “Vicin” and “Covicin” which are converted into “Divisin” and “Isoramil” in the digestive tract and during the chemical processes of digestion, these substances are considered strong oxidants, so As soon as they come into contact with the membrane of red blood cells in people who lack glucose phosphate and dehydrogenase enzymes, they are destroyed and destroyed, and the person gets “favism”.

Therefore, these people should avoid eating fresh and raw grains. This disease is more common in boys than in girls, but it can also happen in girls.

The most important and obvious symptoms that can be seen in Fauvism disease is anemia, which is caused by the breaking of red blood cells and occurs suddenly, but most people with Fauvism do not have any specific symptoms of this disease.

If you are one of those people suffering from favism and the anemia caused by it, look for these symptoms. Your skin is probably yellow, your urine is dark in color, your eyes are white or yellow, you feel tired, and you are usually short of breath. These symptoms usually appear suddenly or 24 to 48 hours after eating the oxidant. If you have chronic and severe type of G6PD enzyme deficiency, in addition to the symptoms we mentioned, you may have gallstones, enlarged spleen, Kidney failureWash away the defective white blood cells and cataracts.

Anemic attacks caused by favism in children and infants are very dangerous and the child may suffer brain damage and even die. d

In fact, children with favism are 1.5 times more susceptible to jaundice than other children. If this problem is not solved in patients, favism can lead to serious problems and the person may go into a coma and even die.

Anemia caused by favism often begins as a result of bacterial or viral infections or the consumption of certain drugs such as antibiotics and drugs used to treat malaria, and in some cases eating beans and even smelling its pollen can cause anemia symptoms in a person.

G6PD gene deficiency can be diagnosed with a blood test, by measuring the activity of this enzyme or by measuring the amount of bilirubin, which usually results in high costs for people.

Clinical symptoms of Fauvism:

These symptoms usually appear 24-48 hours after eating beans or other special drugs such as cotrimoxazole, aspirin, etc.

* Mild fever

* Lethargy

* Pallor

* nausea and vomiting

* Red or darkening of the color of urine (it turns into the color of Coca-Cola or strong tea)

* Sometimes heartache or back ache

If there is no timely and appropriate treatment, there is a possibility of severe kidney damage and causing kidney failure and severe anemia and resulting injuries.

Currently, one of the treatment methods being investigated for these patients is the use of vitamin E as a very strong antioxidant.

This research shows the effect of vitamin E on increasing hemoglobin after blood transfusion in acute attack of favism. Vitamin E is one of the strongest fat-soluble antioxidants, and by stabilizing and strengthening the red blood cell membrane, it has a protective effect against hemolysis.


But the most important and effective factor in the treatment of this disease and preventing the recurrence of this disease is not to consume beans and illegal drugs.

In fact, if you are aware of the disease and symptoms of an acute attack and avoid consuming harmful substances, or in case of an acute attack, go to the nearest medical center immediately, there will be no danger to you. In addition, this disease is hereditary.

Factors that cause the attack of favism:

Antibacterial drugs: cotrimexazole, sulfonamides, nalidixic acid, chloramphenicol, nitrofurantoin.

Antimalarial drugs: Primaquine, Pamaquine, Chloroquine, Quinacrine.

Other drugs: phenacetin, vitamin K derivatives, methylene blue, probenecid, phenazoperidine and aspirin.

Chemicals: naphthalene, methylhydrazine, benzene

Illness: hepatitis, acidosis and diabetes

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