What is nail fungus?

What is nail fungus? How is it different from skin fungus? Is it seen in young people and elderly people in the same proportion? What should be done to prevent nail fungus infection? Usually, nail fungus is more common in men and in the elderly. Stay with Dr. Salam.

Fungal nail infections

Who is more susceptible to nail fungus infection are ?
Nail fungus is more common in men than in women and in the elderly than in young people.

Factors that increase the risk of nail fungus infection include the following:

  • Blood circulation disorder
  • Slowing down of nail growth
  • Genetic factor
  • Profuse sweating
  • Wet work environment
  • Wearing socks or shoes that prevent ventilation in the feet.
  • Walking barefoot in public wet places (swimming pools, gymnasiums and public showers)
  • Having a history of skin or nail injury or infection
  • Diabetes, AIDS, blood problems and having a weak immune system
  • Wearing tight shoes that put pressure on the toes and nails.
  • Damage and repeated impact to the toe

What causes nail fungus infection?

This disease is caused by very tiny organisms called fungi, which do not need sunlight to survive. The fungus enters the nail through a small cut or scratch that occurs between the nail and its bed, and it starts to grow. It makes the environment around the nail warm and moist.

What are the symptoms of fungal nail infection?

Nails that suffer from fungal infection usually become thick, brittle and crumbling, uneven, darker or yellow in color, and the edge of the nail gradually falls off. These symptoms are mostly seen in the toe and especially the big toe. Sometimes a fungal infection causes pain in the toe or the tips of the fingers and an unpleasant smell can be smelled.

Diagnosis: determined by mushroom culture.

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