What is the cause of headache caused by fasting?

During the holy month of Ramadan, most of the fasting people suffer from headaches for which they do not know the reason. Sudden headaches that often occur at noon. We want to examine this issue in this article and see what is the cause of this headache.

HeadacheThere are various reasons for fasting people, which usually happen after breaking the fast. But this annoying issue sometimes makes us unable to do other things after breaking the fast. Dr. Azade Najarzadeh- Nutritionist He has provided good explanations about this, which you can read in the following article.

Dr. Azadeh Najarzadeh referring to the necessity of proper management of consumption of various types Foodstuffs in different seasons, especially in Ramadan, emphasized: Fasting in the hot seasons of the year requires compliance with special conditions in the consumption of food. In this regard, he considered eating breakfast as one of the necessities of fasting and stated: using protein foods such as meat, egg And legumes play an important role in delaying sensation Hunger It plays a role in a fasting person.

Najarzadeh by saying that he saved Foodstuffs to endure Hunger It is one of the characteristics of protein consumption in the morning meal, he said: fasting people can manage consumption Foodstuffs in daysRamadancompared to the consumption of available foods and Foodstuffs Contains protein in the form of circulation in the meal dawn and have dinner.

سردرد های روزه داران

Headache After breaking the fast

this Nutritionist In this connection, he emphasized: fasting people should refrain from eating the main meal immediately after breaking the fast and break their fast with boiling water, warm milk, Datehoney and similar foods, break the fast and eat the main meal at least half an hour after that.
Emphasizing that fast-digesting foods should be consumed during the Iftar meal, he noted:HeadacheAfter breaking the fast, the result of eating bulky food such as rice, meat, chicken, bread, etc potato Immediately after breaking the fast Is.

Najarzadeh also said about the ways to prevent thirst: fasting people can eat fruits and vegetables such as Lettucecabbage and carrot etc., which contain significant amounts of water, provide the water needed by the body during the fasting period when eating the Suhr and Iftar meals.
In the end, the head of the Nutrition and Food Security Research Center of Yazd University of Medical Sciences stated: the correct management of consumption of dairy products, carbohydrates and vegetables in Ramadan can cause delay Hungerthirst and proper digestion of food.

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