What is the correct way to use a condom?

One of the best ways to prevent pregnancy is to use a condom. In addition, condoms play a very important role in preventing various sexually transmitted diseases. But sometimes not using it correctly causes us to fail despite using a condom. Constant use of condoms is recommended for people who have sexually transmitted diseases.

The main cause of transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases despite the use of condoms is incorrect or non-continuous use of condoms.

Using condoms whose lubricant is oil-based weakens the latex and increases the possibility of the condom breaking.

Also, if the condom is exposed to heat or sunlight. Or worn out, it becomes weak and may be torn by teeth or nails during sexual intercourse.
Always check the expiration date before using a condom!

What is the rate of condom tearing or coming off?

Studies conducted in America show that the rate of condom tearing due to the weakness of the condom itself is 2%, and the rate of condom coming off during sex is about 1% to 5%, and the relative rate of condom coming off during sex is about 13% to 3%. be

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