What is the difference between traditional tattoo and micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is a traditional tattoo-like method, except that the color sits on the skin like hair grains and in the direction of eyebrow hair growth, and the difference with traditional tattoos is that there is no longer a bold and inconsistent framework of existence. No, only strands like hair are pulled into the eyebrows with a thin needle Which are not too bold and clear and have a natural color.

The difference between a pigment and a tattoo is that it is painless and does not bleed, which results in less inflammation for the skin.

In the past, a person who got a tattoo may be away from their daily activities for a few days or may not be able to attend, but in this method, depending on the skin type and body characteristics, inflammation and sores are very low.

In pigment, due to the use of disposable cartridges and tested colors, occupational safety and health are very high and the risk of disease transmission is very low.

Due to the fineness of the needles of this device, the resulting pain is greatly reduced and the word painless pigment can be used boldly.

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