What is the main cause of bad breath?

Bad breath (oral malodor, bad breath or halitosis) is an annoying problem for the person and those around them that its long-term form is usually experienced by 50% of the population.

One of the causes of bad breath is caused by acid reflux

This complication can be caused by the foods a person eats, poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, consumption of tobacco-related products, or certain diseases such as diabetes, gastroesophageal reflux disease, lactose intolerance, gum disease and many other factors.

Although maintaining oral hygiene can be effective in some cases, it is a definitive treatment Bad Breath It varies depending on the cause.
Most people experience periods of bad breath caused by certain bacteria in the mouth.
These bacteria, which live in food debris attached to the teeth, gums, tongue surface, etc., can produce a sulfur-like odor by producing sulfur-containing substances and lead to bad breath.

But contrary to popular belief, bad breath is not always a sign of oral problems and can be a warning sign of digestive disorders in people.
In the continuation of this article, we will deal with the issue of bad breath caused by acid reflux, which is a clear example of gastrointestinal and non-oral causes of bad breath, and it is interesting that in these cases, using mouthwashes, flossing, and even brushing help. It does not solve the problem.

So what is the solution to the problem?
To find a solution, we must first look at how acid reflux causes bad breath, because understanding where bad breath comes from is very important in treating it.
As mentioned, in such cases, oral hygiene and even the use of antibacterial mouthwashes do not help to improve the condition, because bad breath caused by acid reflux originates from much lower parts of the gastrointestinal tract.

Acid reflux is caused by the opening or loosening of the stomach clamp and can not trap the contents of the stomach, so with the slightest contraction of the stomach, secretions, acid and… inside it can easily move upwards (esophagus) from the upper gastric valve. And cause reflux disease.
Causes of acid reflux
1) Consumption of acidic foods: The type of food we eat is one of the most important causes of acid reflux.
Fatty foods, fried foods, fatty meats (these foods are difficult to digest), citrus fruits, tea, coffee and alcohol; All of them increase the production of acid in the stomach and Acidizer Are counted.

2) The amount of food consumed: A large amount of food causes more acid production and leads to indigestion.
This increases the pressure inside the stomach and pushes the material upwards (the upper valve of the stomach – which also has difficulty functioning) and this force causes it to open.
When this valve opens, the acid bursts upwards and can even rise to your throat, larynx and even your mouth.

When stomach acid rises to the saliva covering the surface of the throat or mouth, our breathing smells of acid when we exhale, which is the same as bad breath caused by acid reflux bad breath.

The odor caused by acid reflux is quite nasty because of the composition Hydrochloric acid It is produced by mixing bile, enzymes, as well as leftovers from undigested food.
To treat bad breath caused by acid reflux, it should be noted that this odor is actually a “symptom” and not a disease in itself.

Therefore, this issue must be addressed at the root. Acid reflux itself indicates that our digestive system is out of balance. Unbalanced digestion occurs when the three major functions of the gastrointestinal tract, including digestion, absorption, and excretion of waste products, are impaired.

This disease, like many gastrointestinal diseases, is caused by eating the wrong foods in large quantities.
Thus, treating bad breath requires rebalancing the gastrointestinal tract by adjusting the type and amount of food eaten.
Processed foods, which are usually high in fat and salt, high in sugar and high in various additives, are usually difficult to digest and produce a lot of acid, which can even lead to inflammation and infection of the gut.

Because these foods are difficult to digest, they stay in the gut longer, and this delay leads to their fermentation and the production of toxins as a result of this process.
This process increases the growth of the population of pathogenic bacteria and prevents the growth and proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.

If you suffer from acid reflux, it is very likely that most of the beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract have been lost.
Fortunately, it is possible to increase the population of beneficial bacteria over harmful bacteria by consuming healthy foods.

In this regard, natural fibers can improve the smell of your breath, because along with improving the population of gastrointestinal bacteria, the bad breath will gradually disappear.
Beneficial bacteria need food and a proper intestinal environment to grow, and this is what prebiotic foods provide for them.

Prebiotic foods are the most effective ingredients that naturally rebalance your digestive system and improve acid reflux.
Prebiotics are found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.
Prebiotics are fermented in the large intestine, thus providing the nutrients needed by good bacteria.
In addition, the fibers in prebiotics help cleanse the gut environment by helping to carry the undigested material left in the gut.
All of these factors can improve your digestive system and reduce bad breath caused by its imbalance.

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