What is the main reason for the tendency to consume sweet foods?

Farhad Vahid PhD in Nutrition and diet therapy; About people who have a strong desire to consume certain foods such as Sweet snacks “Strong tendency to use certain foods is not a sign of disease, various factors cause a person’s interest in eating certain compounds to increase,” they said.

He said: “A person’s food taste, which is formed from infancy, is effective in a person’s desire to consume certain foods.” Physiological factors, which are mostly hormonal, play an important role in a person’s tendency to use these compounds.

The doctor of nutrition and diet therapy added: “Sometimes a person’s desire for certain foods such as Sweet foods It has a pathological aspect and is a sign of disease. For example, people with diabetes are very interested in sweets. People with type 2 diabetes have high insulin secretion, but insulin is not used in their body, so they tend to eat sugary foods.

Vahid emphasized: People with type 1 diabetes also have a secretory disorder Insulin (Insulin secretion deficiency).

“People who suffer from chronic stress and anxiety also turn to sweets because of the biochemical reactions that take place in their bodies,” he said. Because the brain receives most of its energy from sweets, and by consuming these compounds, people feel temporary happiness and freshness.

This PhD in Nutrition and Diet Therapy is about patients with Diabetes Who have a strong desire to consume sweets, advised: It is necessary to refer these people to endocrinologists and nutritionists. Anxious people should also see a psychologist to reduce their anxiety.

وحید به People who consume too much sweets He pointed out: These people suffer from iron deficiency. On the other hand, anemia has led people to use sweets.

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