What made my skin not glow?

If your skin does not look as radiant and healthy as you want, it’s time to do something! Let’s find the cause first, from smoking to insomnia, then see what care we can do to keep our skin glowing and glowing.

Apply sunscreen every day

The sun’s harmful UV rays not only increase your risk of skin cancer, but also damage the collagen and elastin that keep your skin firm and wrinkle-free. Collagen also helps strengthen the blood vessels that nourish your skin, making it glow.

But when collagen is damaged, you will have dull and uneven skin. So find a sunscreen or moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or higher and use it every day in the rain or sun.


Use a skin lightening product

There are various creams and serums that are designed to remove dull skin as well as dark spots. For a more radiant skin, use a daily lightening serum that prevents melanin production and reduces skin discoloration (including age spots) over time.

You can also use lightening masks that use alpha hydroxy acids in just 15 minutes to brighten and even out the skin.

Quit smoking

Smoking accelerates skin aging by increasing wrinkles and sagging skin. According to the Mayo Clinic, smoking causes your skin’s blood vessels to narrow, so the skin does not receive enough oxygen and loses its radiance. If you quit smoking, your skin and health will be grateful.

Sleep more

For a good reason, it’s called beautiful sleep: Sleep is your body’s ability to repair all the damage you’ve done during the day. Not getting enough sleep prevents that critical time of skin repair as well as the rest of your body and can make you look older than you really are. To have a lively face during the day, try to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night.


Eat clean food

A balanced diet (lean protein, vegetables, fruits, whole grains and nuts) not only gives you more energy and helps you maintain a healthy weight, but also strengthens and keeps your skin fresh.

Exfoliate dead skin cells

Exfoliating your skin is one of the easiest ways to instantly brighten your skin. Use an alpha hydroxy exfoliator to remove the dull surface of the skin and expose healthy underlying skin that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as they increase cell turnover, increase collagen production and improve your skin. Make it smoother, softer, and firmer.

Use tanning creams instead of tanning devices

Tanning can make your skin look much better, so what’s the problem? Tanning boards are the main problem! They expose you to up to 15 times more ultraviolet rays than the sun. Fortunately, you can use tanning creams instead, and make your skin tan and glow well.

Try a face oil

Facial oil is a new skin care product. They make the skin extremely hydrated, smooth and radiant. Pour a little oil in your hands and spread it on your face and neck before going to bed. You will wake up with healthy and strengthened skin.

Add highlights

We are not talking about highlights on your hair. To reflect light and glow your skin, apply a small amount of highlighter (powder or cream) on your cheekbones. This highlighter not only brightens your face, but also makes your cheekbones more prominent.


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