What makes men bored in sex?

Men play a very important role in sex. Sometimes some men’s behavior causes boredom in their sexual partner. In the previous article, we explained the tips for those who are more successful in sex. In this article, we will explain the points that make women bored.

What men make their wives bored?

1. Men are not familiar with women’s bodies.
2. Bad men fold.
3. Men who do not know how to behave.
4. Men who are slutty and careless in sexual matters.
5. Men who look down on women.
6. Men who are very violent.
7. Men who do not observe hygiene.
8. Men who are obsessed with the appearance of women.
9. Men who measure women.
10. Men who do not love their wives.
۱۱. Men who are obsessed with sex.
۱۲. Men who have sex while watching TV.
13. Men who do not check emotionally after having sex.
۱۴. Men with very bad personal habits.
15. Men who are obsessed with their bodies.
۱۶. Men who mistreat others.
۱۷. Men who do not like us.

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