What methods are possible to solve sexual problems?

In terms of traditional medicine, what are the useful treatments for sexual problems?

Seyyed Javad Alavi said about the weakness of sexual powers: Weakness of sexual powers from the point of view of traditional medicine has two physical and mental causes.

According to him, the physical causes include brain weakness, heart weakness, liver weakness, low semen volume, stomach weakness, kidney weakness, weakness or paralysis of the genital nerves, and low blood pressure.

This traditional medicine expert said: Mohammad Zakariya Razi and Abu Ali Sina believe that in the treatment of sexual weakness, food comes before medicine, because food becomes a part of the body, but medicine does not have such a condition.

Alavi added: Razi is of the opinion that as long as medicine is not needed for treatment, it should be treated with food, and Mohammad Zakaria Razi and Seyda Ismail Jarjani believed that as far as possible, patients should be treated with food and until then which can be treated with simple drugs, do not refer to compound drugs.

He stated: The weakness of the heart itself is one of the important causes of sexual weakness, those who have heart failure are more likely to suffer from sexual weakness and these people are more likely to have erectile dysfunction, strengthening their heart can solve this problem.

All body organs are involved in sexual weakness

This traditional medicine expert continued: Consuming apple juice with honey, rose water and a little saffron can strengthen the heart, although all organs of the body are involved in sexual weakness.

Alavi added: traditional medicine is holistic and pays attention to the function of all body organs to treat diseases. Stress and mental problems are considered important causes of sexual weakness.

Introducing some foods to cure sexual weakness

Rice milk, halim, apple jam, beh jam, shaghaqel jam, boiled chickpeas with mutton or lamb, walnut jam, walnut kernels, all kinds of khagine, consumption of basil vegetables, leeks, balanga jam, carrot juice, all foods made from carrots It can be yolk jam and…

10 September 1394 22:23

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