What should a two-marathon runner eat?

Dr. Salam – two marathons One A very good way to Health and fitness Is, food diets A nutritionist doctor in Hospital Kapoor, to us in We read about the nutritional requirements for the greater endurance of a Marten runner’s body:
Importance diet a runner : runners Should A diet balanced With Essential nutrients Have. Nutrition And Hydration To Creation Endurance, Strengthen the immune system And Ensuring the health of the runner its necessary. Carbohydrates, protein Fats, Vitamins and Minerals and Water is needed. A diet balanced To runners Should Essential nutrientsbe the amount of Need Depends on various factors Including Weight, It has age and sex.

carbohydrates: a runner Need to eat carbohydrate enough about 60-65% Of total Calorie consumption Daily Is. carbohydrates the best energy source It is for athletes and type carbohydrate To The amount of calories burned depends on running .Type carbohydratewhat you eat it’s too important.simple-carb

Simple carbohydrates. carbohydrate simple like sugar and honey NShould over of the limit Consumption to be. they can be in quantities limited used. Complex carbohydrates Like products whole wheat (Bread Brown, Brown rice) and vegetables Raw must be consumed. they A good source of fiber, Vitamins and minerals are. Should Fruit (Applethe banana) Eat to increase body energy.

proteins. To Energy supply And to restore Texture Damaged during Education is necessary. in addition to Nutrients Necessary, Protein Feeling Hunger away from you keeps. proteins Should About 20-25% From Calorie consumption Daily be you for the runner Protein Full like a chicken, Soy, egg, plain cheese It is essential. To Protein High biological value has that Should be eaten.

vitamins. vitamins An important part From diet a runner provides Compounds free radicals ProducedCan to cells harm Antioxidants As Vitamin c ( Lemon, kiwi Etc) Vitamin E (wheat germ Vegetable oilsNuts etc.) and Vitamin A ( egg, green leafy vegetables, Carrot, pumpkin Etc) To Neutralize radicals Azad helps.

Calcium: for the runner A diet Rich in calcium It is essential until the From Osteoporosis And Prevent fracture. Good sources of calcium including products low fat dairyFruit juice Enriched with calcium, Leafy vegetables darkBeans, And It is an egg. a runner Should 1000 until the 1300 milligram Calcium On the day have

iron: Need this Nutrient to deliver oxygen to the cells it is necessary If one diet Shortage iron you have You feel weak and dizzy. Men To 30 milligram And women to 28 milligrams of iron daily they need. Good resources iron Included Lean meat, Green leafy vegetables, And nuts.
sodium and other Electrolytes: A small amount of sodium and other Electrolyte through sweat during exercise Lost If more than Exercise for 90 minuteselectrolytes via sweat, Drinks Salt comes out. However Consumption sugar Loaf yourself check it. Hydration To destroy Poisons From Muscles help.

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