What should we do if our eyes become puffy?

Any exercise and activity that can be done indirectly on the eye and pull the material down is effective in reducing and quickly eliminating puffiness. Simple running, jumping up and down and even climbing the stairs are simple activities like this. are counted To reduce puffiness, place an ice pack on and around the puffiness. Tap the puffy area under the eye quickly and gently with your middle finger for 1 to 2 minutes. Sometimes avoiding salty foods or ingredients that you are allergic to will help you. Using cosmetics for sensitive eyes can be effective in reducing swelling. It is better to use the gel form for your day and night creams and try to minimize the contact of the cream with the area around the eyes. Or apply a thin layer of the cream on the bony border under the eye, but be careful that the cream does not reach the area that is exactly under the eyelid.

The formation of bags and drooping of the skin around the eyes is basically hereditary and usually occurs with age, although it may occur earlier. In the normal state of the skin, these areas are more delicate and are not firmly attached to the skin. As a person ages, some of the underlying muscles and tissues weaken and the eyelid falls down and folds.


When the bags are large, they may change the appearance, which is a social and economic problem, especially if the person is young. Cosmetic procedures cannot do much. With each blink (which happens billions of times during your lifetime), the muscles and skin of the upper eyelids are slightly stretched, but the elastic fibers in the skin return them to their normal position. Over time, the skin and muscles of the upper eyelid become longer and eventually a small skin fold due to the excess skin is formed, which protrudes outward and hangs over the eyelid. In some people, this skin even comes up to the eyelashes and it makes the person feel uncomfortable and makes it difficult to look up. If the problem is severe, the person notices the limitation of his vision by the lowered eyelid.

eyebrow drooping

The creation of extra skin in the upper eyelid can be due to drooping eyebrows. In these cases, eyelid surgery alone cannot have an ideal result. The drooping of the lower eyelid shows itself in the form of bags under the eyes. Almost every person in this area has some degree of sagging. Gravity and aging are the most important factors in this field, but even young people may have excess fat under the eyes. The eyes are surrounded by a thick layer of fatty tissue that is held in place by a membrane. Over time, this membrane loosens and allows the fatty tissue to move downward. The skin and muscle are stretched by the protruding tissue, creating a puffy appearance that cannot be hidden with cosmetics.

Puffy eyes after sleep

This problem is often worse in the morning because when lying down, fluid collects in the fat tissue. After getting up, gravity pulls the fluid out, but if there is a lot of excess fat tissue, it takes more time for the fluid to leave it and reduce swelling. its necessary.


Fortunately, eyelid problems can be solved very effectively by blepharoplasty, which is a relatively simple procedure. In this procedure, skin, muscles and excess fat tissue are removed. This procedure is often combined with other facial plastic surgeries such as eyebrow lift, face lift or skin procedures. If your eyes make you look withered, sad, or tired, blepharoplasty can dramatically improve them, giving you a more vibrant, alert, and youthful appearance. In eyelid cosmetic surgery (blepharoplasty), the excess skin of the upper and lower eyelids is removed and the amount of fat tissue under the eyes is reduced. The surgery can be performed on the upper or lower eyelids or both, depending on the existing problem. If the amount of sagging is mild, laser treatment can help improve this situation and even make the person unnecessary to perform surgery.

Dr. Mohammad Ali Nilfrooshzadeh – skin and hair specialist


24 December 1392 22:07

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