What should we do if we are not satisfied with our hair color?

If you have dyed your hair and you have a problem with its color and you are not satisfied, we offer you a way to correct it and enjoy the beauty of your hair.

Avoid getting an unexpected color that needs correction with the right methods and choosing the right hair color. This means don’t hold on to colors you don’t like because you can say goodbye to them forever.

By dyeing your hair, you inject three tones of red, yellow and blue into your hair pigments. The blue tone sits on the hair less than other colors and loses color after a while because there are very few blue pigments in the hair. But because red and yellow pigments have more durability and more, it turns your hair color orange. Now the point is, how to return this blue tone to the hair?

Colors that have a blue or green base are called smoky or gray colors, which neutralize the orange color. In the world of colors, blue is the opposite of orange. This principle teaches us that by combining blue or green with orange, a neutral color is obtained that is no longer rusty and is closer to your ideal color.

1- If your hair color is towards golden-red, use green base and if it is orange-gold, use blue tone.

2- Sometimes the color on white or gray hair comes out much lighter than the desired color, this means that white hair needs darker colors for complete coverage. Once you have chosen the desired color, apply two or three shades darker to your white hair to achieve your desired color. But try to use more matte and natural colors.

3- For people who dye their hair at home, it must have happened that the obtained color was much darker than the color you expected. Bleaching hair allows you to get a light color by adding a darker color. But you must be skilled in using coloring materials such as bleach. Instead, you can use decoupage shampoos that are weak in color removal. You can also use the color removers available in the market to remove your unwanted color.

4- Dyed hair needs more care. The use of special shampoos for dyed hair are effective in making the beautiful color last longer.

5- In order to have uniform hair color, you should pay attention to thoroughly massage your hair with conditioner before dyeing.

6- Mahogany, aubergine and other fancy colored hair will disappear and turn brown after washing. To have a good fantasy color, they should be renewed at least once a week. Your hairdresser will definitely give you another time to renew these colors.

7- The use of coloring shampoos is really not ineffective. These shampoos are available in different colors in the market, and by using them every now and then, you can have a color as beautiful as the original.

8- The use of smoky, green and blue variations cover the yellow and orange tones. If you don’t believe in your chosen color, you can dye a small amount of your hair and see the result. If it’s not acceptable, you don’t need to change the color of your hair again.

March 26, 2011 21:10

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