What should we do to treat ichthyosis?

Ichthyosis is a hereditary and non-fable disease and there is no cure other than using moisturizing and emollient creams for this type of blisters.

A faculty member of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences said: “Usually, the treatments used to treat patients with ichthyosis are aimed at softening and relieving dry skin.”

Giti Sadeghian, pointing out that ichthyosis disease has different types and occurs according to a disorder, said: One of the main causes of the disease in newborns is heredity and this disease has genetic roots.

“In the simple case of ichthyosis, the skin becomes dry and the disease is not very severe,” he said.

“In one type of disease, the skin becomes like fish scales and the severity of dry skin is greater,” said the dermatologist. There are also other disorders such as eyelid involvement in which the eyes do not close properly.

Sadeghian pointed out that redness of the skin in the severe form of the disease is very high, adding: a type of ichthyosis is formed with the birth of newborns, in which case the entire surface of the baby’s skin blisters and gradually as the blisters grow dry and scaly, The disease continues.

“Ichthyosis is a group of skin diseases that are passed on genetically and inherited, and the patient is affected by the disease throughout life,” he said. The main cause of this disease is a genetic mutation.

This faculty member of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences continued: Usually, the treatments that are done for these patients are treatments that are done to soften and eliminate dry skin.

Sadeghian said that in some infants, the severity of the disease decreases with age and in some it does not change. “People with this disease have no pain and suffer more from the severity of dry and itchy skin,” he said.

“There is no definitive cure for this disease,” he said. “Because there are different types of ichthyosis, it is not possible to say in which sex it is more common.” Also, the type of disease varies based on the type of genetic mutation.

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