What solutions are recommended to make hair color last longer?

Read in this section about useful methods to make hair color last longer. Sunlight and hair detergents will destroy your hair color, but if you do the following methods before dyeing, your hair color will last longer.


3 or 4 days before dyeing your hair at the hair salon or at home, strengthen your hair well. Infuse your hair with protein boosters and strengthening conditioners and rest assured that healthy hair will hold color better.


Sun: Wash your hair two days before dyeing. When washing, use a strong shampoo to completely remove any gel, mousse, hair spray or other styling products from your hair. Any type of foreign material on your hair prevents hair color from being absorbed and disrupts the performance of hair color. Therefore, do not use these types of styling products until the time of coloring and remember that this is necessary to achieve a good result and it will prevent your hair color from deteriorating and disappearing quickly.


Start coloring when your hair is a little dirty, almost two days after washing, the most suitable time for coloring. During this time, your scalp regains its natural oil, this natural oil protects your scalp and hair against hair color. The burning and itching that sometimes occurs in your scalp when you dye your hair is because the chemical reactions that occur during dyeing irritate your scalp. A little natural fat prevents this burning and itching. slow and you can tolerate enough hair color on your head for it to do its job perfectly.


Let the hair color stay on your head long enough. If you dye your hair at home, set the clock so that you wash your hair exactly after the time specified in the hair dye catalog. White and gray hair absorb hair dye less than colored hair, so if you have gray hair Let the hair color stay on your head for a longer time so that these hairs are completely covered, but be sure to pay attention to the recommendations written in the hair color catalog and be careful that the hair color does not stay on your head longer than the maximum time specified in the catalog.

Having an attractive and beautiful hair color can make your face brighter and last longer.

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