What to do when someone has a seizure?

What should we do when someone has a seizure? Today, we will examine your duty towards this person. For example, we may even see a person who has a seizure in the alley or street or at home or in the university, classroom or anywhere. Read more. We will teach you ten very important points. Stay with us

We all should know how to deal with a person who has a seizure in front of our eyes, don’t forget the following very important points:
1. If a person has a seizure in front of your eyes, do not try to control his body movements and tremors! These vibrations do not harm the person, but your effort to control the movements can cause a fracture or dislocation in the person.

2. If the person has a seizure while standing or sitting, just place them gently on the ground, and let the convulsions stop.

3. During a person’s seizure, remove any dangerous objects from around him so that he does not touch them (table, sofa, hard objects).

4. The only useful thing you can do during a seizure is to try to turn the patient’s body to one side! In this way, foam and liquid will come out of his mouth more easily and will not cause suffocation! Of course, if you need a lot of effort and energy to do this, we still do not recommend you to do it!

5. Stay with the patient during the seizure until the seizure ends!

6. If you see a pillow, cloth, coat or anything soft around, place it around the patient’s head during the seizure so that the patient’s head does not hit anywhere!

7. People’s teeth get locked during a seizure, remember that it is not necessary to open the person’s teeth at all! This is completely wrong! (contrary to popular opinion)
Even if the person is biting his tongue, you don’t need to try to pull the teeth apart.

8. During a seizure, try to loosen the clothes around the patient’s neck!

9. Slapping the patient, splashing water on his face, or mouth-to-mouth breathing are all prohibited during a seizure!
10. During a seizure or immediately after, you should not give the patient water or his medicines!

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