What you need to know about bone cancer!

Cancer is a type of tumor disease that can affect any part of the body. In this disease, the proliferation of cells in the body is out of control and the cells begin to multiply without any hindrance, creating a tumor. Of course, it should be noted that not every tumor can be called a cancer. Be with Dr. Salam.

Others may heal on their own over time, and others may need treatment. It is up to the orthopedic specialist to diagnose the need for treatment of a bone tumor.

Some benign bone tumors do not need treatment and their presence in the body does not cause a problem.

Others may heal on their own over time, and others may need treatment. It is up to the orthopedic specialist to diagnose the need for treatment of a bone tumor.
Various methods are used to treat bone tumors. It is important to note that for the treatment of some of these tumors, especially malignant tumors, more than one treatment method is used simultaneously or consecutively. The most important treatment methods

Bone tumors include:


This method is commonly used to treat malignant bone tumors. Irradiation of gamma rays to cancerous tissue is one of the most effective ways to kill these cells. The radiation in this body creates molecules called free radicals, which damage the DNA of cancer cells and destroy them. Of course, this can also happen to healthy cells, but because cancer cells multiply faster than healthy cells due to their faster proliferation, the effect of radiation on cancer cells is greater.
Radiotherapy can not completely kill cancer cells, it can only reduce their number. However, this help is enough to reduce the patient’s bone pain. The patient’s pain usually subsides after 1-2 weeks of radiotherapy, but the maximum pain relief is after a few months. Radiotherapy may be used in conjunction with surgery.
Gamma radiation is usually given by devices that are located close to the patient’s body, and the radiotherapist can deliver the right amount of radiation to areas of the body’s bones that contain cancer cells. Sometimes, in cases of widespread spread of cancer cells, another method is to inject radioactive material into the body. Substances that contain specific radioactive molecules are injected into the patient’s body through the bloodstream. These substances are more absorbed by the bones and therefore gamma radiation is more in the bone areas.


This method is commonly used to treat malignant tumors. An important method of drug treatment of malignant tumors is chemotherapy. In this method, drugs are given to the patient that interfere with cell proliferation, and because cell proliferation in cancer cells is higher than normal cells in the body, these drugs have a more destructive effect on cancer cells than on healthy cells.
It is known that both radiotherapy and chemotherapy have a detrimental effect on normal cells and tissues, which is why these treatments have many side effects. This method is commonly used in cases where the bone cancer cells have metastasized, that is, they have spread to different areas of the body, and these areas are so numerous and sometimes so small that it is practically impossible to remove them all by surgery.

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