What you need to know about masturbation at different ages

The sexual instinct is one of the strongest instincts in the human body, and in cases where a person cannot satisfy his sexual needs through natural sex, he turns to masturbation, and in most cases, masturbation does not continue after marriage.

Dr. Mohammad Reza Safarinejad said about the addiction to masturbation: “If a person engages in masturbation in a way that causes problems in his daily life, education, employment and relationship with his wife, he is considered addicted to masturbation.” He continued: “Masturbation can happen in all cultures, both in men and women at all ages. Whenever the act of masturbation causes a disturbance in the process of normal life such as work, relationship with family and education, it is said that a person is addicted to masturbation. In these people, an inner desire forcibly pulls them towards self-gratification.

This surgeon and specialist in kidney and urinary tract diseases added: “People who have one or more of the symptoms such as increasingly looking for pornography, feeling ashamed of masturbation, causing problems in the relationship with their spouse due to masturbation, having difficulty getting arousal. sex, causing problems in work and education, and masturbating in inappropriate places such as the office, car and public places, should be examined in terms of masturbation addiction. In response to whether addiction to masturbation has a certain age limit, he said: “No. “Masturbation is usually to satisfy sexual urges in most cases.”

In the article 12 ways to quit masturbation, we have provided solutions to solve this problem.

Dr. Safarinejad said about masturbation in children and the possibility of addiction: “Masturbation exists even in children before school age.” Sometimes masturbation in children is due to curiosity, but if it continues, it takes on a pathological state. Sometimes the cause of masturbation in children has psychological roots, for example, if something bothers the child, he may turn to masturbation. Dr. Safrinejad added: “When a child starts masturbating continuously, it is unlikely that he will stop this practice in the future.”

In response to whether masturbation in children is likely to cause damage to their penis, he said: “Masturbation causes more damage to teenagers and young people than it causes damage to children. The penis is damaged for three reasons during masturbation: using objects such as a ring for masturbation, pressing the penis against hard surfaces such as the floor and wall, and folding the penis during erection. »
This surgeon and specialist in kidney and urinary tract diseases noted: “The smallest damage to the penis causes the fibrous tissues of the penis to tear and later causes a dangerous disease called Peyronie’s disease, which usually leads to complete impotence. “Any damage to the penis should be repaired immediately, and in case of damage to the penis, you should see a specialist doctor as soon as possible, and embarrassment should not prevent you from going to the doctor.”

He said about masturbation in the elderly and its complications: “The complications of masturbation in the elderly are the same as in young and middle-aged people and there is no difference. Recently, I had a 92-year-old patient who came in due to erectile dysfunction. When I asked him, he said that he could not masturbate due to erectile dysfunction and was depressed. “This man has been masturbating continuously since he was 9 years old and said that on several occasions he masturbated more than 10 times a day.”


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