When sexual feelings and desires disappear!

Why do some couples suffer from decreased sexual desire and refuse to do so and do not want to have this relationship and do not have fun and are not interested in doing it, what is the cause and how is it treated?

Sexual pleasure is easy for some people and difficult and unattainable for others. This is rooted in each person’s childhood. Our knowledge of sex goes back to our mental images that are subconsciously formed in our childhood life, and parents play a key role in the child’s mental image of sexuality.

“The more satisfied parents are with their sexuality, the better they will be able to convey their views to their children,” said Dr. Fatemeh Azartash. “During adolescence, the foundations for enjoying sex are formed,” said the family counselor and university lecturer. “If a teenager in the family feels good about his or her masculinity or femininity, he or she will have the confidence to enjoy it in the future.”
Azartash advised all parents to try to establish a sincere relationship between themselves and their children by starting sex education at the right time and by answering the teenager correctly and dealing with his questions correctly in this regard, and help them by increasing their self-confidence. “Let them have a brilliant married life in the future.”

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