When should we have dinner?

In order to have a restful sleep and a healthy body, you should manage your dinner time and try not to eat dinner at the end of time.

If you eat dinner at its best time, you will avoid overweight and other problems such as bloating.

It is better to eat meals in a certain period of time and take it seriously to eat lunch and dinner at the same time every day. In the following, we will tell you the best time to have dinner with our special reasons.

The best time to eat in winter and summer

One of the issues that is emphasized a lot in traditional medicine is how and when to consume food, and you don’t need to change your habits to comply with it. In fact, whenever the appetite appears, the food should be eaten and not delayed, which means that you should not delay eating for an hour or more, that is, if you normally eat lunch at one o’clock in the afternoon or two o’clock in the afternoon, it is better that Always be like this because the body is used to the same time.

If you had work or there was a situation where you could not eat, it is recommended to consume a little coriander or lemon juice or sour pomegranate before eating.

The best time to eat is the mildest hour of the day, which is usually the middle of the day in winter and the coolest time in summer. The nature of winter food is better not to be cold, and summer food is better not to be hot, which was also an issue in our culture. Usually, in the summer, people ate a lot of cucumber buttermilk, which was cool, and in the winter, they consumed more hot food, such as broth, because it was hot.

The best time to eat dinner

It is better to have dinner in the early hours of the night, for example, between 19:00 and 20:00. In the following, we explain the benefits of eating dinner at this hour:

1- Help control weight

At the end of the day, people usually have a desire to eat high-calorie and low-nutritional foods, which they generally overeat. Also, if you skip a meal or delay eating dinner during the day, you will eat more food to fill you up, and as a result, you will consume more calories. All these things, when combined with skipping the next meal – that is, breakfast – lead to your body reacting to the secreted insulin hormone, which will result in increased body fat stores and excess weight.

2-Reducing heartburn

Heartburn or heartburn is a tight feeling in the chest, just behind the ribcage, which may worsen with bending over or lying down. According to experts, one of the ways to prevent this burning is to avoid eating large and fatty meals in the late hours of the night. Eating dinner in the early hours of the night gives your digestive system enough time to digest food and significantly reduces the risk of acid reflux and acid reflux. This event, which experts know as acid reflux, is usually associated with heartburn and heartburn. Lying down after eating increases heartburn and acid reflux. For this reason, having a few hours between eating and lying down can be very effective in reducing heartburn.

3- A more restful sleep

Heartburn that is the result of eating food in the late hours of the night, prevents you from sleeping peacefully during the night. Heartache is another problem that occurs during sleep for a person who has eaten his dinner late. Consuming too much fluids like water, soda, milk or even watery foods like soup will make you have to get up several times during the night to empty your bladder, but be aware that going to bed on an empty stomach and with Starvation is also not recommended in any way, and this issue can in turn disturb sleep. For this reason, experts recommend that people eat a small and light snack before going to bed. Ready-to-eat cereal with low-fat milk, or yogurt with a little bread are good options.

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