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Where to Buy Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil?

If you want to buy organic fractionated coconut oil for skin care, try walking into shops that sell massage oils. That’s because fractionated coconut oil is popular as a carrier oil for diluting essential oils for massage.

However, getting the skin-care version of organic fractionated coconut oil may be tough at these places. Why? Because it is currently not as common as non-organic fractionated coconut oil.

You can try your luck there, nonetheless. Or better still, look for it online where you’ll have better chances of getting one.

You might wonder why organic fractionated coconut oil isn’t as common to buy at physical shops as its non-organic counterpart.

The Truth about Certifying Fractionated Coconut Oil as Organic

The reason for that is simple – the entire process of certifying skin care products as organic is very complex. Much more complex than certifying food as organic due to the varying requirements from different organic certification organizations.

What’s more, fractionated coconut oil contains primarily caprylic and capric acids. So?

These compounds are not common plant-derived ingredients that you can easily certify it as organic.

Therefore, all those will incur extra time, effort and costs on the products.

Who will pay for that at the end of the day? You, the buyer, of course.

Many companies are reluctant to go through that lengthy and costly process. They don’t want to “buy” an organic seal for their fractionated coconut oil and then pass the costs on to their customers.

Which is why you can see so many fractionated coconut oils (for external) are non-organic on the market. (Even edible fractionated coconut oil like MCT oil is mostly non-organic.)

Well, perhaps in the near future more organic fractionated coconut oils will surface as the certification process becomes more standardized. And of course, less costly for the product companies.

Just to share my experience. I use non-organic fractionated coconut oil for skin care. It feels good on my skin and it helps protect my skin against UV since it contains solely saturated fats.

So now the question is, is it necessary to buy an organic fractionated coconut oil when it is not so easily purchase-able at this time?

As long as the non-organic coconut oil does not clog my pores, I’m good with it. Of course, without compromising on its quality. Non-organic doesn’t mean it’s lousy and organic doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of high quality. Agree?

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