Which foods do we consume incorrectly?

Food is one of the most diverse items in the world. In this article from Hi doctor We have prepared how to consume some foods. We recommend that you read this article and do not miss. Join us.

How to eat some foods is different in different places.

Here are some tips on some fruits and foods:

cupcake: It is common to eat the cream and chocolate coating of the cupcake with the first gauze, but cupcake Should be drunk in the following way:

Open the paper, separate the part on the cupcake and place it in reverse on the rest of the cake and serve.

Carrots:While more the vegetables Raw is more useful, but carrots have higher levels of “beta-carotene” (a precursor to vitamin A) when cooked.

Ice cream:At the party, take the ice cream container under hot water for 30 seconds after taking it out of the freezer, then you can cut it like bread and eat it.

Ice cream

chicken wing: One of the foods that is eaten with dirt, but when it is removed cartilage is also better for serving.

Pasta: It is common in the United States to eat pasta with a spoon, but the Italians themselves eat pasta only with a fork. In Italy, never cut pasta with a knife. They consider this move an insult.

Asparagus It should not be overcooked because it takes all the vitamin C and steam is enough in this case.

Cabbage Consume raw.

for eating Strawberry Use a straw and do not cut it with a knife.

Persian Shallot:To peel shallots, soak them in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes, then peel them easily.

Orange:Cut off the top and bottom of the orange, cut the orange on one side with a knife to reach the center, then open it in the middle and eat easily.

Vegetable juice Do not throw away after steaming and prepare soup with it.

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