Which fruits have the most vitamin E?

Bell pepper: This food is rich in vitamins E And it is a strong antioxidant.

Sunflower seeds and oil: Both sunflower seeds and oil are good sources of the vitamin E are.

Nuts: Almost all nuts, especially almonds are rich in vitamins E are.

Spinach: Apart from that, spinach is a source of vitamins E It is also considered a reservoir full of vital nutrients.

Broccoli: If you really care about your health, don’t miss broccoli in any way you can.

Turnip leaves: Turnip leaves are rich in vitamins E and calcium.

tomato: Tomatoes are rich in vitamins E Is.

peanut butter: One tablespoon of peanut butter has about 25.1 milligrams of the vitamin E has it.

Source: Jam Jam Sera

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