Why do men get cold in sex?

Good sex has many factors and most of these factors depend on men and women. Sometimes men cause coldness in a relationship and sometimes women hear about a cold relationship. The reason why women become cold in a relationship is sometimes their husband’s bad behavior and habits.

If you are among this group, it is better to reconsider some of your habits and behaviors. The characteristics of men who suffer from such habits are as follows…

* Men who are not familiar with their wife’s physiology or body function.

* Men who behave very violently with their wives in their marital relationship.

* Men who do not have proper grooming.

* Men who have low personal hygiene; For example, their mouth always smells bad, their nails are long and dirty, their body smells of sweat, their feet and socks are smelly and dirty, etc.

* Men who care more than normal about women’s looks, appearance and posture.

* Men who constantly ask their wife for satisfaction in a marital activity and instead of focusing on love in the relationship, they only pay attention to physical satisfaction.

* Men who are very worried about their performance and marital power; For example, they constantly think that they have premature ejaculation, their penis is small, or they don’t have an attractive face, or…

* Men who only see themselves in a marital relationship and do not pay attention to their wives.

* Men who move away from their wives immediately after finishing their marital activity.

* Men who have unpleasant personal habits; Like touching your nose and…

* Men who do not like to show love and affection to their wives.

* Men who have an obsessive and excessive preoccupation with their body.

* Men who are quick-tempered and aggressive and are not well behaved.

* Men who do not love their wives and have no feelings for her.

* Men who imitate vulgar movies in their marital relationship.

February 3, 1392 03:19

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