Why do we get black around our eyes?

There are reasons why the area around our eyes is black or it turns black. Some of these reasons can be changed and others cannot be changed. In this section of Dr. Salam’s medical magazine, we will tell you why the area around your eyes turns black and what you can do to treat dark circles around the eyes.

In addition to saying that there are reasons that can be changed, there are also reasons that cannot be changed, such as dark circles around the eyes due to hereditary reasons. The next thing is the disease that causes blackness around the eyes.

Reasons that cannot be changed:

Dark circles around the eyes may be hereditary.
Another cause of dark circles around the eyes is pigments, which of course applies to blacks and Asians.
In addition, increasing age is also effective in the appearance or increase of this blackness because as we age, the skin becomes thinner and as a result, blood vessels become more visible.


Reasons that disappear with a change in lifestyle:

Smoking, alcohol and caffeinated beverages can aggravate dark circles around the eyes. In addition, exposure to sunlight can cause the skin around the eyes to darken. Of course, this blackness is not an important issue compared to other harms of smoking.


Diseases and physical problems:

Constant congestion of the nose causes the veins around the eyes to become bigger and wider. In addition, some sensitivities such as eczema may also cause darkening around the eyes, but in general, dark circles around the eyes are considered only a cosmetic problem, not a medical problem, and those who This issue is very important for them, they should see a dermatologist.

24 February 1391 16:17

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