Why do we lose weight but do not change size?

Normally, two-thirds of excess weight accumulates in the abdomen and flanks, when losing weight, people can undoubtedly see the most changes in the abdomen and flanks, but sometimes, some people complain about the lack of size change. Let’s distinguish between ideal weight and fitness.

Ideal weight is a necessary condition for fitness, but not sufficient. Doing sports here (abdominal exercises) can be a very good supplement to the diet plan. When losing weight, the body uses not only fat reserves but also muscle resources. This use of muscle resources in people who do not exercise along with weight loss is much more than people who dedicate at least half an hour to forty-five minutes a day to sports activities, so the possibility of the body of people who do not exercise relaxes. It would be very high.
So, our first recommendation is to exercise along with losing weight.
Of course, one of the most important conditions for doing abdominal exercises is to be overweight under ten kilos (for women).
People who are overweight above this amount are recommended to pull their stomach in (contract the abdominal muscles) three times a day for seven minutes.
But many women suffer from sagging belly skin during pregnancy. There is a fibrous wall in the abdominal area, whose task is to keep the intestines and viscera inside the abdomen. This wall is very strong in some people and very weak in others, so that some people have a prolapsed belly after the first delivery. And some others, despite 2-3 times of childbirth, there is no change in the skin of their abdomen.
Therefore, people who have had a history of childbirth cannot expect a body similar to their pre-pregnancy body, even with weight loss.

Dr. Kermani

10 July 1395 11:49

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