Why does our skin itch?

What factors in the body cause itching, how does skin itching occur in the body, and what methods can be used to eliminate it? What are the recommendations of skin and hair experts for chronic and periodic itching?

After discovering the exact cause of itchy skin, scientists are one step closer to providing a definitive treatment method for the complication of chronic and periodic skin itches.
The researchers of Salk Institute observed that some of these cells can be stimulated by light radiation and the type of itch created in the human body and the reaction of spinal nerve cells to the itch caused by light rays and itch caused by chemical agents or bites. Insects like mosquitoes are different.
The results obtained from the studies can help scientists to understand more precisely the potential mechanisms of itching caused by several conditions and factors such as eczema, nerve disorders caused by diabetes, muscle spasms and some specific types of cancer. . This discovery could also indicate why some people’s bodies do not respond properly to antihistamines when suffering from chronic itchy skin.
Excessive activity and stimulation of these nerve pathways, whose main task is probably to detect and identify the presence of insects on the skin of the human body, can be the main reason for periodic and chronic itching.

15 November 1394 13:27

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