Why don’t women talk about their sexual needs?

One way to have good sex is to share your needs and expectations with your partner. Many women believe that expressing their sexual needs to their husbands can hurt their self-esteem. But it is better to look at this issue as a guide.

Given the above, you can be a little more careful in expressing your wants and needs, but you should not keep your mouth shut.
To begin with, you can first ask her what she likes most. As you listen to him, you can discuss your ideas in this regard. Of course, one should not judge one-sidedly.
Sometimes it happens that we see women who do not behave like normal mistresses. Some of them just lie down and expect the other side to do everything for them alone; Then they complain that their spouse is not able to meet their needs. In such a case, the woman must change her way of thinking.
When he is listing his personal interests, you can easily discuss your needs as well. He fully understands and would probably like to hear more about this; much more! Even more often, a man or a woman is interested in hearing harsh sexual words from their partner during sexual intercourse.
Do not forget that the basic principle of sexual relations is to love and be free to express or practice any sexual relationship. A famous example says, “Everything can be opened in a closed bedroom.”

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