Why lipstick makes lips dry

In order to ensure the health of your lips and prevent your lips from peeling, you should be careful when buying cosmetics for the beauty of your lips, such as lipstick, lip pencil, and glosses, because they may make your lips look beautiful, but they will harm your lips in the long run.

For example, alcohol is one of the important components in the production of these products, which should be paid special attention to, because long-lasting and dark-colored lipsticks often contain alcohol, which after evaporation causes the loss of the natural moisture of the lips.

In addition, since alcohol is one of the essential components of lipsticks, some manufacturers claim that they obtain this alcohol from plants.

Therefore, just for the beautiful color of these products, do not neglect to check the materials in their manufacture and choose and buy them carefully.


September 8, 1393 12:00

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